Running, Races, and Playlists

Why I Run

The time I started running

Cold Weather Running

The Taper

Running Playlist - March 2013

Long Run Recovery

Running Playlist- April 2013

Blue Ridge Marathon Race Review and Recap- Part 1!

Blue Ridge Marathon and Race Review- Part 2!

My Pre Running Drill

Cleveland Marathon Playlist

Cleveland Marathon Recap

How to Start Running

June 2013- What's Next?

HIIT Running

Running Playlist- Late Summer 2013

Run Like A Girl Half Marathon

2013 Columbus Marathon Recap

Cap City Half Recap and How I Fueled - 2014

Running Playlist- September 2014

Cap City Half- May 2016


  1. How did you build this awesome website. I just became part of Advocare and Im looking for ways to advertise after my success story..
    But how long did it take you to build this site..It's awesome

    1. Lance, I started it last February. It's been a work in progress. I finally just got my own domain (Need to get that up and running) and am getting ready to update some other stuff. Feel free to email me if you have further Q's. Good luck!