Sunday, February 5, 2017

Updates all around


The January's   are gone!  

We made it, friends!   

How did you survive?  Do tell!

I may or may not have cheated a little....

And gone to visit the southern Florida sun...

And may or may not have did daily yoga in the glorious sun on the patio...

And this was may or may not have been my running scene...

Oh and this happened...
Was amazing.

In summary,  those "January's" didn't have a chance.

Let's talk about running...

Who is training for what???

I need to know.

I'm roped into a couple spring half marathon's which I'm not mad about...

Xenia Half Marathon is on April 9th.   Don't ask why or how I'm doing this race.  It's a long comical story but will be fun for sure.   Same day packet pick up?    $35 entry?    Crazy friends also running?   
In summary, my hands were tied.

Of course we also have the Cap City Half Marathon  on deck for April 29th.    
The Cap. 
If you have been reading the blog for more than a second, you know I love this little (big) race.
Champagne at the finish?     Again, my hands are tied.

Who has tried the new Slim????

 Confession..... How on earth have I been using Advo products for 7 years and never tried Slim????
When the new formula was released, accompanied with all of the online raves,  pretty much forced me to give her a go.

Similar to Spark in terms of energy and mental focus but more of a thermogenic / appetite control component.      Zero jitters.    Just goodness.    Promise.
Initially, I  was kinda all "Yeah, whatever...." 
About 30 minutes after, I was online ordering a second box.
I hate that I was skeptical but sometimes things sound too good to be true. 
 However, those people at Advo continue to know what they're doing.  They also never stop amazing me.  

Several people online are doing a Slim Down Challenge.    Only ONE product needed.  Clean eating.  

If you are interested in joining, shoot me a message and I'll get you hooked up.  Contains a recommended food plan and recommended daily activity.    Looks pretty darn simple though.

Your Preferred Customer discount with get you 20% off anything you ever order, as well as a bag of goodies, including samples of Spark.   All for $19.    It's that easy.

In fact, I will throw in a little incentive....

Between today  and February 20th....   

Complete your Preferred Customer sign up, place a minimum $75 order, and get a FREE box of Spark from yours truly.    Pick a fave...any flave... and I'll have it in the mail that week.

Not a contest.  A guarantee.  Who doesn't want free Spark?

What else have we been up to?

Decorating copious amounts of Valentine's Day cookies...

Teaching my mom how to use Snapchat.  This all clearly resulted in belly laughs.

Yes, we're too old for Snapchat.  No, we don't care.

I've also been obsessed with reading.

Recent reads...

Love a good memoir.

I've been reading Glennon's blog for a zillion years.     She's controversial but she keeps it real.

What are you reading?     Do tell.

Have a fab Sunday!