Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Who else immediately jumped on board?

Ahhhh..... my heart is happier in the summer.    It just is.

I know we'll be having the full on August back to school panic before we know it, but who else is in total summer mode?
Long days, early morning runs in the sun, kids bikes everywhere, going with the flow, and soaking it all in.    

Ummm....who else got themselves some of this?  

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough?!?   Oh my!

I have a whole lotta Meal Replacement Shake in this life, and the salted caramel is hands down my favorite of all time.    

Rich flavor,  not the least bit chalky, and did I mention 25 grams of protein?
It kept me full all morning,  which means I immediately ordered more.

I have yet to try Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough so am anxious to hear reviews from you cookie dough peeps.

I have a feeling the "mug cake" options with this are gonna be awesome.

Summer also equals super fun events in which my favorite donut in the world  (Der Dutchman long john) was presented in unlimited quantities, amongst other things.    Zoofari, you're a whole lotta fun.

You make my friends and I do things like this....

And eat things like this....

Which is why I can only handle you once a year.

Who else is beyond pumped for September 26th?!?!?

I'm "this close" to creating a legit countdown calendar.    I can't get enough of this show and love that we all cry, laugh, and weep together... week after week.

I know the bloggy postings are slim these days, and the Insta (Advorunner) has kinda taken over.
If you don't already, come find me on the Insta.   

Keep on soaking up the summertime goodness!