Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'm Back!

I've certainly missed you!

I'm still on the Insta (Advorunner) but obviously the sad little blog has taken a real back seat to life.

Poor bloggy.    

If I'm being honest, I have no real excuse.

Except for...

-a full time job, (Hospice)
- a part time job (Advo)
- kids that need to be driven to gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, and other various kid-related shenanigans on the regular.
-a big ole #Runnerdog that apparently also needs some loving and a run here and there
and then of course...
-my own need to run all the miles, lift a few weights, and get my yoga on.

Turns out all of these sporting activities and life in general requires clean laundry and a stocked pantry.

Who knew?

Nothing riveting, just life.   However, I miss this blog a whole lot and really, really, really need to make it more of a priority again.   

So let's start now, kay?

Current life highlights...

This pic that I posted on the IG sparked a whole lot of questions...

Snail Slime!  

It's a thing.   And we may or may not have our own secret club.

Here's how it all began....

My friend Lauren's friend Samantha appeared out of nowhere with her skin looking completely off the chizzaine 'doe.

Lauren launched an immediate investigation to find that the secret protocol is...

 Korean skin care.

Snail Mucin!   Aka Snail Slime!  

Now before you throw up in your mouth, I promise you it's not as horrific as it sounds.
   I've been hot to trot on the regime for about 5 weeks and have fallen in love with the whole thing.

We may or may not even have our own private Facebook board where my  #snailsisters and I post questions, pictures, and reviews of tried and true products.

Amazon sells pretty much everything we need.   And even Target is getting on board!   I immediately assumed my line up would cost a million bills.   You guys.. it's cheap!!!!!      Amazing, isn't it?  

Here is my current regime....

I realize this looks like a full time job in itself and you're all saying "no wonder she doesn't have time to blog... she's smearing snails on her face all day"   

However, I don't use every product every day.    I'm still learning and playing but I spend about 3 minutes in the morning and 10-15 at night.   No big.

Want to test the waters?

I recommend you read the post that Lauren wrote to get started.    If you are wanting to truly get on board, shoot me a message and I'll add you to our FB group.   

So there you have it.    Can't wait to hear what you guys think.

Other things I've been up to...

Running half marathons with my favorite people.

Finishing said half marathon,  throwing stuff in a suitcase, driving at high speeds to the airport,  and immediately catching a plane to wine country. 

 This obviously lead to a whole lot of 
wine, cheese, bread, dark chocolate, belly laughs... rinse and repeat...
 with more of my favorite people...

Immediately needing a huge detox upon my return to real life...

And now it's May.   The kiddo sports schedule is in high gear and it's basically time to panic about the school year coming to and end.   Ya feel?

Every day is pretty much a 3 Sparks a day kinda day these days.
   Again.. ya feel?

Speaking of... I am LURVING the new Orange Rehydrate.     I mix with a packet of Mandarin Orange Spark and it's truly a match made in heaven.  


=   True Love Always...

Not to beat a dead horse... but as you know....  never pay full price for your Advo goodies.  

  Become a preferred customer for $19 dollar bills before you do anything.   Not only will you get some freebies to try and sample but you'll get 20% off anything you ever order forever and ever... including the beautiful combination above.

I'll be back soon.    Pinky swear promise.