Monday, January 16, 2017

The January's.... And how we're gonna beat 'em.

Who has 'em?   "The January's" that is.

Don't know what I'm talking about?    Consider yourself lucky.

For the rest of us....

Dark mornings, dark evenings, holiday fun is long gone,  the kids are caged animals, the pants are feeling tight,  fatigue, insomnia...   throw in a cold or flu ('tis the season) and we've got ourselves a case of the the January's.

But guess what?     We're in control of those January's.

We are.

So let's turn it all around.    Today.    Life is too short to just let the January's do their thing.  
  We've got this, friends.

Let's do it.

1.   Move the body.  

  Sorry.  Nothing earth shattering here.      We all know that moving the body produces serotonin.   It also releases those feel good endorphins that we all crave. 
   Endorphins alone combat stress and depression.   
Improved memory, improved focus.... shall I go on?
   None of this even has to do with the cosmetic or improved physical appearance aspect of regular exercise.    
  That, my friends, is just an added bonus.    
 So seriously. 
  Give yourself 30 minutes.  
As in ErrrrDay.
   Start today and commit till February 1st.   
  Give us 16 days.      I'm pretty sure you'll keep going.   Pretty sure you'll be happier too.

2.  Acts of Kindness

Nothing boosts the spirit like a little selfless act of kindness for another human.     
Do SOMETHING kind every day.  
 It doesn't have to be fancy, cost money, or even take much time.
Just. do. something.

**Give a compliment.   Even better?  Give a compliment in front of others.   Immediate mood boost for everyone.

**Leave a note in your kiddos lunch box telling them the reasons they're amazing.   (my monkeys absolutely LOVE this little surprise and I'm immediately happy when I take the time to do it.)

**Let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery, etc.

**Reach out to an old friend.    Better yet, send a card.  Who doesn't love good, old fashioned, unexpected snail mail??

**Take an annoying task or chore off of your partners to do list.

**Offer to pick something up at the store for an overwhelmed friend or neighbor.

**Give someone a genuine "thank you."   

The options are endless.  Really.

You get the idea.    A daily act.   It's infectious.

3.  Fun

Have some.   
Always have something fun on the calendar to look forward to.    Always.
Getting together for lunch with a friend.
A trip.
A massage.
Anticipating a good book.


Even when you don't want to go have fun and would much rather stay in your warm cozy house and it's January.   Get out there.    I promise you won't regret it.

4.   Fill those nutritional gaps

MNS 3 and Omegaplex are my God sends.   Truly.
Everything you ever need in the MNS 3 strip.    Vitamins, minerals, probiotic, appetite control, energy...  MNS is everything.    

Since we're talking about the January's... lets talk about the benefits on our mood.
Studies show everything from decreased anxiety, decreased depression, and an improvement in overall sense of well being.

We essentially ARE everything we put in our bodies.   The good, bad, and ugly.   

If you're ready to take the plunge on either of these,  get yourself signed up as a preferred customer BEFORE you order.    20% off anything you ever order,  several flavors of Spark to sample, and some other goodies.   All for $19.   No catch.  I promise.

5.   Kill a nagging task and create some order.

When we're in the midst of the January's, those nagging tasks become even more annoying, ya see.

Commit to ONE nagging task a day.

Clear off the pile on the desk that's been annoying you for days.
Donate the stuff that's cluttering your house (and mind).     
Make the dentist and doctor appointments that you've been procrastinating.
You guys get my drift.   Take action and do something daily. 

6.  Be Nice to YOU

Go easy on yourself.    
We ALL need some self care.
Get your yoga on.    Journal.  Spend 10 minutes a day of quiet before the days chaos erupts.
Take time to breathe.   

 And when we screw up, snap at the kiddos, eat the cookie...  we must be nice to ourselves.
 It's over.   
Start anew.

At the end of the day.... our time is short... no matter how you look at it.
Be happy.
The only person that can truly make that happen, is you.

January's, be gone!!!

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