Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just Start

Hi Friends!

Are we all recovered from Turkey Day?!

And the Virtual Turkey Trot????

And the Christmas chaos that began overnight??

Believe it or not, I started early and believe it or not I'm 90% done.

I know!

However,  you know what this means?

One for you... one for me....and... one for you... one for me.

Don't judge but the sales are dang good right now.

And remember how I told you guys about Ebates???

If you aren't on Ebates, get there STAT.     They pay you a percentage of your purchase price for going through their link to get to your online retailer.       You get anywhere from 1% to 25% back.  
  It's truly free money.        

Just a tiny little example... 
I ordered Birchbox for $10 as gift for a friend.    Ebates paid me $2.50 for ordering what I was going to order any way.
I mean?

But more importantly...

Who is going ALL IN again with me come January 2nd??

Annual Nationwide  24 Day Challenge.  

Order the challenge bundle before December 20th and FREE shipping for you.  

We do this every year and there is simply no better way to start off the year.

Trust me, we'll all be feeling less than stellar come January 1.  

Meal ideas, support, trash talk...rinse and repeat.  

Nothing not to love here.

Aren't getting a discount?      Not to beat a dead horse, but $19 gets you a whole lot of extra goodies AND 20% off anything you order, INCLUDING your challenge.    Do it here...

More later but wanted to give you guys the good stat.


Happy Thursday!  Love you, miss you, mean it.   

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