Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Sentiments

Hey friends!


Busting out the old Sunday Sentiments!

What a gorgeous weekend here in the 614.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   Crossfit....   And... my glutes are still on fire from kettle bell thrusters.   (Who does that?)

Saturday-   Crossfit and some serious stretching.

Sunday-   3 mile recovery run.        Basically a shake out run at a slow pace to get the blood moving and alleviate some serious soreness that was setting in.   

ps-  A little Advorunner tip-    If you aren't really supposed to be running or working out because you very boldly proclaimed that you were taking a rest day...   Always call it a "shake out run" and no one can question a thing.  
 They just can't.  No one questions a shake out run.   Who would do that?
 And if they do...  remember our old strategy... it's just 3 "little" miles.    No one can question "little" miles.   They just can't. 

Who else watched the NYC Marathon today?


Huge congrats to my boo, Sue, on running her second NYC marathon.     I stalked her on the app all day and couldn't decide if I should cry for her or be jealous.     I then did what any other irrational runner would do and I got online and entered the sweepstakes to win an entry for next year.    All for good measure.
The lottery isn't open yet, ya see.    But when it is... I'm thinking we all need to lottery.   

I also did the most amazing thing and went to True Rest Float Spa  and holy cow, you guys.. it was awesome.      
Have no idea what I'm talking about??

This "pod" is filled with 1000 lbs of Epsom salt in 180 gallons of water.   (ps-Remember how I'm obsessed with Epsom salt??..   I'm thinking this was kinda made for me.)  
 This combo creates an amazingly therapeutic weightless environment with ZERO stimulus.   Nothingness, if you will.       In summary, you're weightless, and warm, in a pod of no noise, no stimulus, truly... "nothingness."    
Now for someone who never stops moving, I thought there was no way in the history of the world that this could work for me.  
  But honestly... it did.   
 In fact, I almost fell asleep several times and was only woken but the jerk of my own body.    
The tension melted away and I kinda walked out of there feeling like gumby.   Remember him?
And... I slept like a newborn baby infant straight from the womb last night.      I did.

If you live here in the C-bus, you're going to need to try this phenomena immeed.   Locations at Easton and in the Powell bubble.  
There are also other locations around the country so check it out here.  

Real Housewives people... Did you know Tamra Judge is obsessed with our products?    Cuz she is.

She may or may not be a part of our team.    And....
She may or may not look off the hook ridiculously amazing.    #goals

Speaking of products... apparently Snickerdoodle AND Caramel Macchiato Meal Replacement Shakes are both sold out...   I know.

Now #dontcryformeArgentina, I've got a handful left.   However,  for those of you who missed the boat... I'm hoping and praying that they bring these back at least temporarily because I need you all to love these as much as me.

So daylight savings time...
Once again, we meet ....

Guess what else coming back???   AdvoRunner Virtual Turkey Trot is in the house.  #whatwhat

Deets to come!

Happy Sunday, friends!

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