Wednesday, November 2, 2016

So What Wednesday!? With Pics For Good Measure.

So What if I've become a full on, self proclaimed  Indians fan?   Total #bandwagon. 
I really don't like those bandwagon people like me, but... sorry it's majorly awesome and exciting.
Plus, how cute is this...?

THE perfect bandwagon fan attire.     A "fan" but not off the hook.   

So What if I'm majjjjorly addicted to the new Snickerdoodle Meal Replacement Shake?  

Holy cow.     Blend with ice and about 9 oz of water and I swear I'm on that Seinfeld episode where they thought they were eating fro yo but it all turned out to be 5 zillion calorie ice cream.    I'm really hoping this isn't a milkshake in disguise.
Seriously though,  I typically use these as a snack.   210 calories and 24 g of protein.   Super filling but not quite enough calories for a meal for me and my crazy workout agenda.     Versatile, perfect for on the go, and  amazing mug-cake style.

ps-  This is a seasonal, limited time item so you guys  know the drill....if you want them, get 'em now because they'll be gone in a hot second.

pss-  If you aren't a preferred customer yet, you've gotta get on that train stat.   You're basically losing hard earned money.

Before you order these bad boys... do yourself a large and create your account.    It's $19 but you're getting Spark and some goodies to sample AND 20% off anything you order.   Forever.  

So What if I'm hoping the 10 year old decides to abandon all other sports and become a runner?   
We spent Saturday morning engaged in a glorious little 5k and all was right in the world.   #dreamsdocometrue

So What if it's November and we should all be wearing shorts and flip flops?    It's basically 80 degrees here in the midwest and that, accompanied with all major retailers having their halls fully decked...  Well, it's enough to induce serious confusion and panic.   
The scene...  errrwhere...

So What if I'm still obsessed with my yoga girl Adriene?    I've basically convinced myself that we're real life friends.    She has a short yoga video for every possible problem.   I kid you not.     If you don't know her, you're gonna need to.     Remember at the beginning of the year when we did the 30 days of yoga program?     Will definitely be going back to that again.

For now, I just dabble in whatever my problem of the day happens to be.   However, I loved the accountability and consistency of the 30 days.   

Have an amazing Wednesday!

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