Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday Sentiments!

It's happening!   

Just like the good old days.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  4 mile run/  20 minutes of driveway Crossfit.  
ps-  Anyone familiar with Man Maker's?    
Sweet Francis.
Google them.    Then do 30 of them with an alternating lunge on both legs in between each rep.    
You'll be able to bounce a quarter off your butt within the hour.    Or not walk.   One or the other.   But if neither happens, you've done it wrong.  
Saturday- Community WOD at Crossfit.
Sunday-  3 lazy, fun filled miles with #Runnerdog.   Remember him!?

He's still running, that #Runnderdog.
Then he comes home and does this....

ps-  Does anyone else's crazy dog physically open up their own crate door with their nose, proceed to get in unprompted, and then take a long nap equivalent to that of a grizzly bear?    #AskingForAFriend..  

We also had our fair share of the normal weekend shenanigans which included gymnastics, soccer, church, grocery shopping, emailing, shenanigan-ing, haircuts, and what seems to be 400 other tasks and activities packed into 48 hours.   Ya feel?  

We're also trying to turn this summer into fall when it was 85 degrees on more than one occasion this weekend.      Ya know, the normal September activities in the OH-IO.  

**This means I've gone mum crazy, yet again, and may already accidentally be purchasing pumpkins. 

**This also means that the 6 year old is all fired up for Halloween and pulls her reindeer games everywhere we go.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

**This also means that we buried ourselves in yard work and it looks like we took off all of our clothes and rolled in poison ivy.  Or poison oak.  Or poison sumac.    Just for fun, ya know.      You guys, I'm basically qualified to wear a button like this..

But seriously.         Why do I have poison ivy all over my torso?   Why is it getting worse instead of better?    I've done all "the things" that the google told me to do, including essential oils.       Anyone?  Please help me make this go away.   

**This also means the crockpot has been fired up like a firework display with a 6 figure budget.  

I'm loving some of Country Living's healthy crockpot recipes lately.    

Honestly, is there a thing we CAN'T make in the crockpot these days?     It's amazing.

I feel like the crockpot would win "appliance of the year" hands down year after year if this were only a thing.    Life gets more busy and the crockpot becomes more amazing in it's skill set.

**This also means my beloved Coffeccino is back.   And as addicting as ever.   

Want the Spark effect but in a warm "coffee-like" drink?    Here you go, yo.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend filled with a productivity, fun, family time, shenanigans, a little downtime and self care.    Isn't that what weekends should be in a nutshell?

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