Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Advorunner Updates and Shenannys

Happy August, kitty cats.  (meow).

****Surely you guys know about the new Blue Raspberry Spark?   Just announced yesterday.


You guys it's basically gonna taste like this....

the bottom part, that is...

Be still, my blue raspberry flavor loving heart.   

      Sooo... I've pretty much been avoiding all responsibility and anxiously awaiting tomorrows arrival.   You know...the usual... planning to stalk all Fed Ex men in my own as well as all  surrounding zip codes and then I get this....

Now in all honesty, this has never happened to me.     Which makes me want my Blue Raspberry bomb pop Spark all the more.       I know you understand. 

So if you didn't get in on this, you're gonna wanna because I will guarantee it'll be sold out in a hot second.   Which means  you'll be emailing me asking if I've got a  random box or two laying around that I'm not hoarding.    Then  I'll feel all conflicted and selfish and want to hook a sister up but really I wanna hoard the sold out Spark.    It's pandemonium, really.   

You know we've been down this road before.  

So let's not do this.   
   This particular flavor is gonna be off the hook.    It is.

***Who else saw Bad Moms?     

Hilarious, right?

I kinda wanna go again. 

Went with this group of ladies and I'm pretty sure we all peed just a little at some point.   

Truly.   That funny.

This movie will make you realize that we're all in the same boat in this here crazy town place that we've all landed.  We call it motherhood.

You'll laugh at the chaos and cry at the fact that we love these fools so hard it hurts sometimes.    #guilty   I got sentimental and cried.    So did my soul sister next to me.   

So yes.   Go see this stat.    I'm serious.   

***Who else drives around during the day like this?

Right?    Peanut butter, plastic fork, in a ziplock bag for protection.    #noshame #desperatetimes

***614 friends, come see us next Monday.

Ladies Night!     It's gonna be a fun night and yours truly will be talking about running products and how and why they can work for you.     A panel of some amazing ladies will be sharing some amazing stories and awesome info so come join the party.    Message me for details.

***Did your summer fly by too?

I swear we were just doing last day of school pics just yesterday.

And guess what?   

One week from tomorrow is go time.  


But holy cow, we've had a fun summer.   

Pool days
Late night patio fun
Beach vacays
Boating at the lake
Long morning runs
Mexican food on patios
Lemonade stands
Driveway Crossfit
Cha cha-ing on patios with friends crazier than us (more than once)
Cartwheeling in the yard with the kiddos
Hitting golf balls
More pool days
...and so much more.

It leaves us as quickly as it arrives.  
But geez, it's amazing.    

Here's to our final week.    Hope you all get a chance to stop and smell the summertime roses... or hydrangeas... or whatever tickles your fancy. 

Time flies.   

One of my faves...


  1. Oh wow. I didn't get that email, but my order shipped a day later than it normally does. If I order in the morning it usually ships same day. This time it shipped the next day.

    1. Hopefully you got yours by now! Mine is being delivered today! :)