Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday Sentiments and Weekend Wrap Up!

Oh Mylanta!  

Am I really Sunday Sentiments-ing and Weekend Wrap-Up-ing?? 

Yes.  I pretty much just made both of those a verb.

On Monday?

Remember the olden days when Sunday Sentiments on Monday was a weekly feature???  

Like on a real blog?
That updated regularly?

Let's give this SS another whirl, shall we?

So let's see.... 

Weekend Workouts:  

Friday-   Granite Games Qualifier #1.  (more on that in a hot second)
Saturday-  Crossfit Community WOD (120% humidity and dripping in sweat.   Yes, please).
Sunday-   5 miles of fun in the sun.   The last 1.5 miles involved my favorite 10 year old and she's rocking those little runs.   

So yes...

Who is doing the Crossfit Granite Games Qualifier Workouts?  

I did workout #1 on Friday morning and well geez... that was kinda rough.

Squat clean and jerks for days with a 15 over the bar facing burpees mixed in between every round for good measure.

Pre workout consisted of Spark and Catalyst on an empty stomach right outta the rack.  
  Approx 30 min later...
1/2 V02 Prime bar (loving these more than ever lately) and  02 Gold.   

This little product combo was a great combo for a cardio/ strength lung burner.   

Then I went to work and sat in this...

Basically all day it seems.

Does anyone else feel like their entire city is currently the land of construction and traffic?   I'm "this close" to packing it all up, becoming Amish,  and having a simpler life.      The traffic is killing me.   Seriously.   
But then there would be no TJ's or Lulu or Chipotle.  
So I guess I'll stay.   


The monkeys have taken to a liking of friendship bracelets.  

I then had a flashback to these...


Which then resulted in me doing a "tutorial" as I suddenly remembered I was the friendship bracelet whisperer of the late 80's.

Which then resulted in the entire "tutorial" going on for way on for way too long..

 I pretty much got cocky with my skillzzzz....
 and couldn't stop....
 and the kids were over it.   

exhibit A

But it's not all bad. 

They set up shop outside and if you follow me on the Insta, you know that a real showdown took place.   Which resulted in a friendship bracelet business merger and all is good in these parts.    

But the scene originally looked a little like this...
Two shops.
Two business plans
Just mere feet apart.

And then turned into this....


The rest of the weekend was a busy combo of pool, kid shuttling, yard work, nagging kids to pick their wet bathing suits off the floor, and various other shenanigans, which may or may not have included too much online shopping.   

ps-   The wet bathing suit on the floor thing?   Why?     Why is your wet suit laying there?      It's as if it's brand new information every time we hit a body of water.    But it's not.  It's been a rule since the beginning of time.   Yet the wet suit.   There it is.   Right there on the floor.

If you're currently cleansing, we're on the home stretch.  I did have a small relapse at the pool on Saturday which involved Trader Joe's peanut butter filled pretzels.    However, for the most part have been pretty status quo and am feeling a zillion times better.

If you're waiting for the next cleanse, whatchoo waiting for?  

More cleansers start next Monday.   Join in the reindeer games.

You'll still be done by the 4th!

See you cats later this week.  

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