Monday, June 6, 2016

A healthy "night cap" and other stories.

Hey friends!

Good luck to those of you starting Fit by the 4th today!

Who else is ready like me?

Yours truly started the 10 day cleanse today.   As discussed on the Instagram, the 80/20 rule somehow turned into 50/50 over the past couple of weeks. 
Specifically the last few days.   

Ya feel?

I spent way too much time having fun in the sun at the Memorial Tournament.  

Basically 3 days in a row.   

Oh and celebrating friends birthdays at fine Mexican establishments.

Oh and supervising backyard cupcake eating.

And hanging with these fools.  

The cleanse was necessary.  It was either that or dialysis and a small muzzle.

Other big news....

Mass Impact has a new design and ummm... is now $29.95?


That's  $17.97 for my advisors.

$23.96 for my distributors.

Why do we love Mass Impact?

This has been in my product cabinet since the beginning of time.   
It's kind of a jack of all trades.

Strength training? 
HIIT workouts?


I mix with a serving of spark about 30-40 min before the workout.  
Definitely best and most effective on an empty stomach.

It contains creatine, sustamine, and other amino acids.  
Our beloved Mass Impact is designed to aid in muscle building, endurance, rehydration, and supports lean muscle mass.
I've PR'd a back squat more than once with Mass Impact.   
Either way, I'll take it.

Here's an awesome little cheat sheet on how to best use Mass Impact, as well as our other tried and true faves.

Wanna know what else I'm obsessed with? 

This little concoction....

Currently drinking one as I type.

Here we  have...

1 packet of  Rehydrate
1 packet of Oasis
Splash of La Kroger

Not familiar with LaKroger?  It's pretty much fake La Croix.   I buy it at our local grocery store... Kroger.
Enter.. LaKroger

It's half the price for almost double the cans.   We're all winning.

In summary,  make this combo immediately.
It's an amazing little "night cap" for you cleansers and the Fit by the 4th crew. 

Hope your week is starting off bueno.

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