Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Highlights

Pretty sure it was just Friday approximately 17 minutes ago.     That weekend was packed to the gills and flew by at lightning speed.    

How about a weekend wrap up/ sunday sentiments/ weekend highlights post?

Remember when I did these all the time?  

As in regularly?

Like, every Sunday?

Me too.   

Miso miss that.

I just can't seem to get it together on Sunday nights these days.

So now we have to deal with the bootleg version.

Let's see...

The weekend went a little something like this...

1.  FORE miler race with this posse

14th place out of 293 in age group
47th out of 973 females overall

Not horrible, considering the humidity was at 198%, plus some.     Kinda reminded me of the Cleveland Marathon that time I thought I was gonna die.  Only that was 26.2 miles and this was 4.  Or fore! in this case.  

Overall, this was a fun little race and I will definitely do it again.  

2.   Threw a birthday bash for my favorite 6 year old.

All about her.   Started the day with Starbucks "cream" Frapp's and ended it with cupcakes and more cupcakes.   
Pretty sure she is still exhausted from the late night reindeer games.

3.    Crossfit Regionals!

Oh Mylanta.

Columbus, OH happened to be a host city for regionals and I am still in awe.

The athletic ability, sheer talent, and hard work and dedication that I witnessed, still amazes me.    Think you're even a tiny bit in shape?   Go watch regionals.   Inspiring and humbling all at the same time.    So exciting to watch.  

4.  Murph!

Speaking of Crossfit, my box hosts the Murph workout every Memorial Day.

An amazing way to honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.   

And what a workout it is!!!

100 pull ups pretty much gifted me with this....

Despite these hand rips, it was amazing.    I had hand protection on during the first few pull ups.  However, I got frustrated and slippery and yanked them off before I knew what hit me.    Before I knew it, the pull ups were over and my hands looked like they had been put through that of a meat grinder.  (Feel free to throw up now.)   

Oh and check out the arm blood from getting tangled with a tree during the second mile run.   
So... pretty much lady like all around.  
Don't judge.  
I immediately applied lipgloss to counteract the mangled mess I had become.  

Post Murph... 

5.        My saving graces..

So after you Murph, you need this little duo...

RipFix for the hands.
Deep Blue for the muscles.

I don't sell either one of them but they're pretty much my best friends.

Oh and before ya Murph, ya need this...

My fave cocktail of....

Hi lover.  

6.  Countdown to Fit by the 4th!

So many options...   Not sure which one to choose?   Message me and we'll figure it out together.  advocarerunner1@gmail.com

7.   In between all of this were cookouts, kid activities, out of town visitors, and about 49 other commitments.    
So basically the work week needed to begin so I could resume normal programming.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend with friends and family.

Contemplating Fit by the 4th?    

Let's chat!

Love ya, miss ya, mean it.

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