Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Updates All Around!

The update situation on the blog is sad...  Real sad.  

Follow me on the Insta?  

It's kinda the new blog.... in a way...

Advorunner.   I'm there.

So Lean in 13.   

This time was WAY better.    I wasn't quite as stringent and made necessary modifications, when needed.    Some people hated it.  Some loved it.    Either way you look at it, it's like the 24 Day Challenge on speed.    Are you an experienced challenger that needs to lean out, like tomorrow?    Lean in 13 is probably for you.   

We will likely do another group right after Memorial Day.   Message me for details.

What else?

Cap City 1/2 Marathon came and went.
Long time blog readers, you know I love this race.

My training took place surrounded by a ball of sunshine...

Or surrounded by this...

 Ohio people... I know you feel me.

So yes... this here little Cap was fun.   And I felt zero pressure.  And ran it with one of my favorite peeps.  

Official time was 2:02:04.   
Not a pr for either of us, but ya don't get PR's taking selfie's at mile 11.  You just don't.   

How did I fuel?

The usual...

Race time was 8 a.m.

Step 1.    Spark and 3 Catalyst (not pictured) at 6 a.m.

Step 2.   V02 Prime bar on the way to race (approx 6:4ish)

Step 3.  02 Gold and Arginine Extreme with approx 1/2 Spark at 7:3ish.

ps- Ummm 02 Gold is outta stock???    I'm legit hoarding what I've got.   Other people who have it in my general vicinity... I know where you live.   

Post race party was legit.   

Super proud of this one who I'm slowly but surely brainwashing into becoming a runner.    Quarter marathon?   Well under an hour?   I'd say my master plan is working?  

Before bed that night...

A double dose of Omegaplex

I woke up the next day feeling pretty darn good.    And may or may not have gone for a "little" 5 mile recovery run.   5 little miles.
   ps-  when non-runners think you're crazy for running the day after a half marathon,  here's what you do....
***If you refer to the miles as "little miles" it seems less crazy to everyone.      Let's practice. 

Runner-  "Hey I'm gonna head out and run a few little miles just to shake the legs out."
Non-runner-   "Are you insane!?"
Runner-  "No,  it's just 5 little miles.   Be right back."

Somehow this make it normal.     

Little miles.

Remember that.

"Little" can also be used in the same context when talking about dollars.   

Remember that too.

What Else?

Mother's Day!

We had a great day for sure.     A full house filled with chaos, love, good food, and good drinks.     My kind of MD. 


What's next?

A little FORE miler.

MURPH on Memorial Day.
  I may or may not have said I would never do this again last year.  

Emerald City Half
Another fun little hometown race

Hope you're all awesome!

Again, find me on the Insta.  Even when the blog is a ghost town and I'm nowhere to be found,  I would love to see you guys on the Inta!


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