Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where I've Been and What's Next

Hey Cats,


It's been a minute. 

Like a zillion of them to be exact.

Honestly, I feel like I just hit "publish" on that Jan. 31 post and what/what?  It's practically St. Patrick's Day.

What have I been up to?

1.   Making sure the right stuff is in those backpacks.      And basically keeping humans alive and watered in general.      Manning homework, sports, clean know the drill.   Turns out that stuff takes time.  

2.  Moving.   Yes.   This in itself is equivalent to running 10 marathons in a month.  I swear it is.  Or maybe I'm old now?    Don't answer that.
 We moved into an awesome house in a great neighborhood  and we're finally feeling a teensy bit settled.  However,  sometimes when I least expect it, another box filled with "stuff" that needs a home seems to fall right out of the sky.   

3.   Doing that yoga challenge!   Remember how I mentioned it in my last post?    Well, I kinda loved it and I swear it made those crossfit and running aches and pains just a little less painful.   Not to mention that I felt just a little more centered every morning.  

I missed a couple days in all but not bad.  Not bad at all considering that yoga and mobility in general have always taken a backseat to running and crossfit.    
But I'm making time and most days it's only between 20 and 30 minutes.    Did I mention that I usually do it in my pajamas?   

Huge win right there.

If you're interested in the program, it's free.   And Adriene is now my best friend.  She doesn't know it but we're all good.
   She's funny.   She's got her own little non-crunchy yoga vibe.   And she's funny.  Did I mention that?

4.  Other various random activities...

Hanging out with #Runnerdog in my pj's...
That #RD is so desperately needing a wig busting.  Don't call the ASPCA just yet.  It's happening this week. 

Crossfit Open-ing

Yes, it's back.  

2 brutal workouts down... 3 to go.   Heaven help me.  Nighttime Recovery help me too.

Disney on Ice-ing

If you've got girls, it's pretty much the law.

Okay, sooooo........ let's get serious.

There's currently a big group in my Advo crossline doing Lean in 13.       
This has clearly inspired several of us.    
They're already looking legit amazing.

The big question.

Who is Lean in 13 meant for???

The Lean in 13 program helps to put your metabolism back on the right track and pushes your body into an intense “fat burning” mode.
1. To Jump Start a new weight loss program
2. To break through a weight loss plateau
3. To lose a few inches just in time for vacation
4. To lose a few inches and recover from a vacation 

Brutally honest disclaimer----
I've tried this plan in the past and did not succeed.    I threw in the towel about halfway in.   Granted, I prob wasn't in the right mindset.  And I was just kind of over it in general.   However, was I noticing changes?  Yes.   Did I hate eating the same thing almost every day?  Yes.       Did I miss the peanut butter deep down from within?     Yes. 
We've got our culprit.

BUT.... I've given it some serious thought this time around.     Pretty sure I'm down.    If you're even remotely interested in being down with the plan with me check out  

SO much good info.  Click on Lean in 13 under the "challenges" tab. 
You can see the daily plan, supplements, food recommendations,etc.  

It's basically a carb cycling program, coupled with products designed for fat burning, appetite control, and gaining muscle.   It's all designed to help you lean out like no other.    This plan will work best if you're an experienced challenger and somewhat close to your goal weight.

Ready to join us???

You probably already have half of these products in your Advo cupboard.

What you need:


Retail Customers-  $261
20% off wholesale customer/ distributors-  $209
40% off advisors-  $157

Note.... This includes an entire container of Muscle Gain which will last you forever, as well as enough Catalyst and Thermoplus for two people.

In summary, buddy up with a friend and you can share Muscle Gain, Catalyst, and Thermoplus.  

Ya Feel?

Start date....
  I'm thinking Monday 3/14/16 or Monday 3/21/16 is where is at.    Thoughts?

And if you're joining in, the private FB group is where it's all going down.  

I'm just as scared as you are.  Trust me.

Which is why we need each other.     

Be there.



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