Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lean in 13. It's #GDFR

Sooo... looks like Monday March 21st is go time.    Just a quick little check in...

If you're joining us and need to start sooner or later because of life and all of it's challenges, by all means...

  One week to psyche yourself up and get your goodies.

This also will not interfere with St. Patty's Day for all of you green beer drinkers. 
    Just looking' out for 'ma people.

The Dirty Truth

1.  This program isn't easy.    In fact, it's hard.   Really hard.   So if you don't feel mentally prepared, it may not be the best time.  However, there is definitely strength in numbers so if you're teetering, come join us.   We're in it together and in it to win it.  It'll be twice as hard without support and company so why not come play?  

2.   It takes prep.   And planning.  And cooking.    You'll be eating a lot of the same foods every day.   It's not exciting.  I'm not gonna lie.    However, on the positive, there is a little comfort in knowing what's coming next every day.   It's all pretty much meticulously planned for you.  To me this means minimal room for error.  

3.  It's not an Advocare-created plan.   It was created by lean and mean independent distributors, nutritionists, and trainers that saw the awesome possibilities of combining carb cycling combined with these awesome products.

Light at the End of the Tunnel:

1.  It's 13 days.    It's only 13 days.   We can do anything for 13 days.

2.   By day 14, you're going to be leaner than you thought possible.  #springbreak #summer #abs #whatwhat  Even a few days in, you'll see a difference.   #hardcorefact

3.   This plan contains a lot of various supplements so we can modify.   It's not one size fits all.    Our group Facebook board is where we trouble shoot.  And vent.  And celebrate.    You can also shoot me an email-

4.   You're going to feel nothing but amazing when it's said and done.   Sticking to something difficult for 13 days is going to make you feel strong in itself.   Feeding your body real food and real supplements for 13 straight days....   Big yes on top of that.    Did I mention that we'll be drinking all the water???   Yes, we'll be drinking a ton of water.   This too will make us feel amazing.

5.   Most of the products that are needed are probably already laying around in your Advo cupboard.   
Muscle Gain

*If you're not sure which MNS to use or you are sensitive in general, I would definitely recommend MNS 3.  I haven't decided which route I'll go but may play around with all three.

Just wanted to check in, say hey girl hey, and give you guys the debts on the start date.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.  It's pretty much spring here in the 614.   Sounds like an 8 miler to me.   



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