Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Things We Need to Discuss

1.   Who else is on Day 9?!!   

  We're almost through the hard part, kitty cats.
Stay the course.  
   We got dis, boo's.

The weekend is the hardest.   We know this for sure.

What's your favorite Challenge meal, thus far?   Do tell?


Back to the roots with the spaghetti squash pizza bake.

Don't know about this???

PaleoOmg is the boss.

Easiest thing ever.

Disclaimer-  Mine looks absolutely nothing like hers.    I mean, not even a slight resemblance.   However, the deliciousness keeps me coming back for me.

Make this.   Possibly today.   

2.     Soooo.....   I've been loving this combo again for everything from running to CF.

A little bit of everything fabulous.   3 Catalyst...    Wash those babies down with a mixture of... 1 packet or scoop of Spark, 1 packet of Biocharge, and... 1 scoop of Mass Impact...   mix up over water and a tad of ice.   

Wait approx. 30 min. and...

ye shall have wings... and strength.  

Copious amounts of BCAA's, which are the building blocks to muscle.   BCAA's also help the body combat stress, injury, and fatigue.  
A tad of creatine (don't be scared) for increased energy, muscle recovery, stamina, and energy replenishment.
And then our BFF, Spark....
Spark...   120 mg of slow release caffeine, and a zillion and one B vitamins.   
This combo...
 #dude.  #winning.  #allday.  #forrealz

And you guys know the drill... if you're paying retail full price for products... don't do that.  Message me and we'll get you a discount stat...advocarerunner1@gmail.com

3.  Those lovely ladies at Rocksbox are offering us AdvoRunner peeps another free month of Rocksbox.

As discussed a couple months ago...

Do you wanna buy every single piece that Kendra Scott produces?      Only... you've gotta be somewhat responsible and somehow refrain from doing exactly that??

This is why we all need Rocksbox. 
..it's off chuhzaine, doe.

So... hear me out. 

First things first, those amazing peeps at Rocksbox have  offered all you AdvoRunner blog readers a FREE month with code 


The code is live and ready to roll.


No commitment.  Cancel any time.  They're just being nice.   And..... want us to fall in love with Rocksbox, but that's neither here nor there. 

So....if you decide to stay with Rocksbox, you pay $19 per box after you're done with your freebie.      Each box contains 3 amazing pieces of jewelry, based on your profile.   You wear it till you're bored, send it back, rinse and repeat.  OR... you keep a piece and automatically get $10 of your $19 credited towards the piece of jewelry that you decided to keep.

I'm on my 4th box and kinda love everything.   Always.    Which is frightening and exhilarating
 for what's to come.  

**Make sure you use code-  advorunnerxoxo for your free box!  

4.   Who is running a Spring marathon or half marathon??

I'm running my beloved Cap City Half Marathon again... #groundhogday. 

However, I do love this race and I love the people that run this race so I kinda can't help it.

Cap City '15-

Cap City- '14

My monkeys look so little!  

So yes, I've been running this race since the beginning of time.

But still.... I kinda wanna find another fun half for Spring...

Ideas?   Suggestions?   Tell Me.

The Indi Mini has kinda been on the horizon.  That would require two weekends of back to back half's but....  I kinda love that.

5.   What's for Din Din for the last two nights of your 10 day Cleanse?   

Someone posted this on my Advo group/ message board page and I kinda need it.  

Orange Chicken?   Yes.

My plan is to eliminate the small amount of corn starch and substitute a small amount of stevia for the honey.  Either that or half the honey.   Anxious to play around with this one because it looks off the Chizzane, doe.

Hope you guys are having a great start to a great week.    If you're in the midwest like me, you may or may not be dying of hypothermia but... it builds character.  Yes?   And makes the summer and fall all the more amazing.

Later friends!


  1. I am on Day 9. I never understand why people say the cleanse is the hard part. I eat the exact same way through all 24 days. From what I see - the guide doesn't suggest that it should be otherwise. This is my second 24 day challenge. And I've done 2 10 day cleanses in between. . . I don't know what I'm missing. But I change nothing on Day 11. Thanks for the recipes. I'm looking to shake up my dinners.

  2. Come to NC and do Raleigh Rock N Roll in April!!

  3. Go to Lexington, KY and do Run the Bluegrass on April 2. It starts out at Keeneland Race Track and winds through the horse farms on country roads. The race director is awesome and very runner focused. This is my third year going down from Michigan to do the race and have gotten my husband hooked on it as well.

  4. Can you do italian sausage on the challenge? I was told no sausage. But PLEASE say yes!!

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