Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oh January! The Challenge comes to an end, Yoga, and other fun.

Oh January.    You've got a few positives but I'm always ready to see you go.

The second I hit that Powerball, I'm definitely outta here for the entire month of January. 

Pretty sure January was meant for sunshine, a beach, vitamin D, and long runs in the sun.   

Ya feel?

But February 1 is coming!    And to me... that means we're on the home stretch to spring.   I mean... March is practically Spring and February is practically March so as far as I'm concerned... tomorrow is the first day of Spring.   

I may even get a pedicure in it's honor.

How are my people doing??

This is it!   Sprint to the finish line.     I've kinda been obsessed with your emails and texts in terms of inches lost, energy gained, and old jeans that you're fitting into.

Seriously.    It's kind of like Christmas morning every day.

Many of you are done this week and some of you are just getting started.

If you're at goal weight, you will want to stay on your daily favorites.

For me, that means Spark (duh), Omegaplex, Catalyst, and most days MNS.   

I always have on hand but don't take daily:   Carb Ease, Thermoplus, Muscle Gain, and Meal Replacement Shakes

For running and Crossfit I play around with:  02 Gold, Arginine Extreme, Muscle Strength, and Mass Impact, and Rehydrate.   

If you still have weight to lose many people continue on with the Max phase.   This basically means continuing with Spark, Catalyst, MNS, Omegaplex, and Meal Replacement Shakes.     You could also lose the shakes and add in Thermoplus or Crave Control.

I know I've mentioned it on our Facebook board BUT... if you ordered the ALL IN Challenge, Advo is giving everyone FREE shipping on their first order.    This is kind of amazing.

If you're still paying full price for products... dagger through the heart.


You get:

$69 worth of Spark (3 boxes!)
20% off anything you ever order.

You're practically making money here.

It takes two seconds and you'll never pay full price again.

Head over to and geterrdone.

Seriously.   Full price is no beuno.

Let's talk about Yoga.

I've been seeing some friends on the Facebook doing this short daily at home Yoga Camp.  They're appearing very enlightened and stretchy and happy.

Let's face it, we all wanna be enlightened and stretchy and happy.

Who is joining me?    
It's free.
Nothing competitive.  We do what we can and see how we feel.   I am going to commit to do the entire 30 days.    Apparently they're short enough to fit in while your kids are running wild, while dinner is cooking, while you're still in your pajamas,  on your lunch break.. you get the point.

I signed up early this morning and already got my first video.  

There's so much more and I'm already loving the emails.   Oh and I'm already feeling like Adrienne is my best friend.    She's gonna be the Godmother to my children by the end of this at the rate this one side friendship is progressing.  

Now, I do love me some yoga but for me it's a time thing. If I have one hour to fit in a workout, I'm gonna have to use it to go for  a run or head to Crossfit and throw around weights.

However, I see the value in yoga. And see the value in mobility.  And let's face it... the more mobile we become, the better we are at Crossfit and the better we become at running.   And really, isn't mobility the key to anti-aging?      

In summary, we're all gonna basically be the fountain of youth by the end of this.

Thanks a ton for your recommendations on various half marathons from my last post.   SO many options out there!     

Also, I need to know if any of you are participating in the Crossfit Open?? 
I already have butterflies.

Even if you're somewhat of a new Crossfitter, I encourage you to participate.   I can't explain the fun, energy, nerves, and support.  Not to mention that you'll surprise yourself in so many ways during those 5 weeks.   You'll come out stronger mentally and physically than you ever thought possible.  

So please participate so we can obsess together.  Mmmkay?

If you're local and looking for a box that goes all out for the Open, I've got you covered.   It's a straight up five week celebration at Chalkdust Crossfit.

Come 16.1 with us.
We're a whole bunch of normal, fun, non-intimidating people just trying to get our fitness on.
We take Crossfit seriously but at the end of the day, it's just Crossfit.  As much as I love this crazy workout, I love the people there more.   And that's what it's all about.

Don't forget.   Tomorrow is February!  We're celebrating Spring! 

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  1. With spring around the corner, it is reminder to get a pedicure, clean out the junk that builds up during the winter holiday season, and shed a few pounds to get ready to wear lighter (and more revealing) clothes.