Monday, April 27, 2015

For the Crossfit/ Advo Kool Aid Drinkers... The Competition and How I Fueled

A crazy, exciting, exhausting, emotional, balls to the wall kinda day indeed.

First things first,   these ladies rock.     They pushed themselves and pushed me and pushed competitors from Crossfit gyms all over creation.    That's the beauty of Crossfit.    Seeing your peeps achieve their goals is pretty legendary.      

If you're a Crossfitter and have never done a competition, you're gonna wanna.   You don't have to be a beast.  You just gotta show up happy, ready to rumble, and basically be fired up.    All day.   

Competition morning...

I woke up before the sun came up and took 3 Catalyst and a big old Spark.  Just like every other day of the year.     Nothing unusual here.

We arrived at the box around 7:45 for some athlete briefing, some major warming up, and by 8:45, the first heat was up and running.  

The first WOD consisted of a 10 minute AMRAP.  If you're a newbie to Crossfit, an AMRAP basically means "as many rounds as possible" in a set time.   In this case we had....

10 alternating Kettle bell snatches
15 KB Goblet Squats
50 single under jump ropes

Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes of full throttle lung burning fun.  

I knew this would be a lung burner Soooo approximately 30 minutes before this WOD, I took two 02 Gold.  

02 Gold IS indeed my 3rd lung and I've talked about it a zillion times before on the blog so I won't bore you on why I love it for everything from marathon running to lung burning Crossfit WOD's such as this.     If you don't have 02 Gold in your life, get yourself some.  You won't be sorry.

 There was about a 90 minute break between my first and second workout, which included...

2 minutes of... full throttle/ as many as one can squeeze in... burpees.    Using a 15 lb. plate.  Meaning your toes had to touch the plate between every rep.

A one minute break to get your weights situated followed by 6 minutes to establish a maximum 2 rep clean front squat.

Sweet Baby Jesus.   I may or may not have been seeing stars coming off the burpees and going into the clean/front squat situation.    Thank God for friends who let me chug their water bottles straight from their hand,  without me asking.    Pretty much. 

Approximately 30 minutes prior to this WOD, I chugged down a giant Mass Impact with 3 more Catalyst.   ps-  Catalyst is my everything.  Not only with Crossfit but life in general.   I take it every day 365 days a year.   BCAA's are where it's at.    Legit.   

Back to Mass Impact....

Mass Impact is another amino acid supplement that also contains a bit of Creatine.   The product is designed to support muscle performance, preserve muscle glycogen, assist in muscle fatigue and basically make you stroke out a little later than you were originally planning to.

Next up... I had about an 75 minute rest time before the 3rd WOD, which was the one that I was  most terrified of.

For time.


10 barbell ground to overhead
10 alternating lunges...knee to floor
10  box jumps

Decreasing in number of reps per round to  9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Death.    Right there.   For all of the free world to see.  

I chugged a Spark before this workout as I hadn't really had caffeine since morning.    Plus, I still had 02 Gold and Mass Impact flowing through the veins.

And now....we see if we're in the finals.    Which was kinda emotional and exhausting.    Mainly because you're beat to hell and really wanna be done and cheer for the people in the finals.  And have a Blue Moon on the sidelines like everybody else.  
 But... on the other hand, you've busted your bum all day and wanna tear it up in the finals.   
Quite the debate.

Oh and we have fun on the sidelines too.      Lots of it.

So....the final competitors are announced....  Along with a mystery workout that we'd all been waiting to hear..

What we have here is....

For time...

500 meter row
50 wall balls
20 ab mat sit ups
15 dead lifts at 145

Arginine Extreme for the win.

You've heard me talk about my beloved AE a zillion times when it comes to running.    I knew coming off the row into wall balls was going to straight up kill me.  
   Arginine is such a great product for increasing cardio capacity with a little strength love too.    A product designed for improving cardio stamina and strength all in one.   L-Arginine and  L-leucine together in powder form are pretty much a match made in heaven.
  Again, you'll likely stroke out a little later than you had originally planned to but will feel better and stronger in the process.
  I took this about 5 minutes after the workout was announced which gave me about a 20 minute window.   

The Finals...Here we go!

And..... it all ends laying on the floor in the corpse position... truly not certain if you're alive or dead.  And you wonder if you've really got your affairs in order and you wonder if anyone has ever died from Crossfit.  
 And you wonder.... when you can do this again.....

And.... your friends high fives while you're still not sure if you're dead or alive somehow make it all even that much more amazing.

And the day ends with 2nd place in division with the most adorable trophy and a high comparable to that of our beloved marathon running high.  

My CF box rocked.  We have awesome coaches who know our strengths, know our weaknesses and push us accordingly.    4 athletes from my box placed in 3 different divisions.    Pretty amazing.    Those who didn't place, gave it their 100 zillion'th percent ALL and everything they had.   They achieved goals, set PR's, and that was pretty freaking fantastic to see too.   

Local people....if you haven't tried CF and wanna...come see me.    We're fun and we'll show you the ways and you'll hate me and everyone else at first but then you'll be amazed at yourself and you'll love me forever and we'll probably be best friends and stuff.   #RunOnSentence #major

Chalkdust Crossfit.  We're on the FB too.  

S'all for now.

Cap City on deck for the weekend so hopefully I'll see some of your smiling Sparked up faces at the finish!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

How on earth did a week roll by since I've stopped by the bloggy?   We can't be having this.       

My Wednesday Loves....

Real Housewives of NY

No words.    But we know that's not true.   I'm sucked in.  It's official.   And it's a time suck. That's official too.     Here's the deal... Real Housewives is a gateway drug to all of Bravo TV.   
Looking for  a reality show about the first year of wedded bliss?   No probs.    How about the good times involved in divorce?    #100    How about a show pertaining to how deplorable your patenting skills may or may not be?   Bravo has got us covered, boo's.     Tread lightly.

It's back!

Grape Spark.  Giddy up, yo's!   My fave summertime flavor.    Get it while it's hot.

Somehow I'm loving My Fitness Pal again.    I've gone through phases with this little app but it's kinda fun to log your food, supps, and see your daily macro breakdown.    It's way scary though when you eat two heaping spoonfuls of almond butter and log that in to find that you've made a dent the size of Montana in your daily goal.   
 It's free.   Get yourself some.   Oh and we can be friends...   Advorunner.   We can also be friends on the Insta too but you already knew that.


But you already knew that too.

Want to be humbled?  Think you're in shape?   Come try Crossfit.     It's a cult, yes.   But we can't help it.     I'm humbled every day.   And it's awesome and ridiculous and torturous.   Yet, we come back for more.      A competition on deck for Saturday with some pretty amazing people so stand by for obsessive-type posts on the Insta.   #LoveMeThroughIt

Want to look like Megan Fox in 2012???   

I thought so.

Kinda obsessed with MAC Chili as a result of this whole get up.     What a beautiful, perfect wine,  yes?     Now this is too dark for day for me but at night.... the Chili comes out.   Truly, I think it's a universal color that flatters all skin tones.

Sleep and Water


The water part isn't new.   80 oz. a day bay-bay....
However, I'm putting the smack down on sleep again.   If you "see" me online past 11 p.m., send me a mean message.   I'm serious.      Last night was day one and I have reason to believe I slept for close to 7 hours which is basically the equivalent to 16 to a normal person.  

And all of my friends who are running!   Y'all know I love this race and I kinda can't wait to see some of your sweet mugs.

Countdown is on, runner friends!

S'all for now but I promise I'll be back before the weekend with a little sumpin sumpin.

Laters, Babes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

How's about a new Wednesday feature?    Don't worry,  So What Wednesday will be back.      However, I'm kinda loving the What I'm Loving Wednesday concept for a hot second.   

And friends, please don't hate me, I love you.       But you're clearly gonna need some of these goodies.   Mmmkay?


You guys, what's going on at Target?   Yes we've always loved it.    We've loved it for random things from the dollar bin and various last minute purchases on shoes that hurt our feet.    

However, something is definitely going on.  I think they got new people.     People that know what we need.  

Basically, I want everything.     Follow @targetdoesitagain on the Insta?    You need to yesterday.   You'll see all the goodies.

Anyway, I'm finding things like super comfy boyfriend jeans for less than $30.  Not that I need another pair of boyfriend jeans but c'mon.  We can't pass these up.

This pic does them zero justice, ps.   

Oh and I couldn't pass up this little workout tank for twelve dollahhh.   So comfy and love the cute saying. 

Oh and ummm... this adorable little crossbody bag is clearly trying to be Kate Spade but I ain't mad at it.  

Oh and it looks way more expensive than it is.    Around the $20 range, we can't afford NOT to own this.

My Target had this in hot pink too.   Right??  

No idea how this happened but my California girlfriend, that I've known for over 10 years and never actually met in real life (don't ask, but I love her) got involved in Keep and then well, I always feel like anything the cool California girls are doing... I need a piece of that pie.   #runonsentence  #bigtime

What really roped me in...... 
I've been dying for a Tory Burch wrap watch.   For $400.    I know.

  But then... I found out I could have this little ditty for less than $90.   Yes please.    Clearly, I ended up with several different colors of the  double wrap bands, which basically means I have a new watch every day.

So yes, I started dabbling and now I'm kinda addicted.      The other cool thing... KEEP is the baby sister of Stella and Dot and basically a brand new company.  We're talking months.

How does it work??

Basically, you pick your keeper...

The options are endless...

THEN, you get down to biz, picking your keys.   That's the fun part. 

Oh and my Advo #sparkheads love them too.

We're wearing option #1 to Dallas in August and we're all gonna be twinsies.      

But yes,  somehow loving KEEP.  

I'm in love with these.   For everything from work to casual.     Currently $54 and they are seriously a quality pair of draws...  And come in a slew of colors.       Seriously.    I'm not sure if they are new this season or if they've been around forever and I'm just now discovering them.    At any rate,   we need these.

**They do run big so if you're ordering online, you're gonna likely want to size down one size.

Holy cow.

Okay, this makes all of our lives easier.    Especially us Kool Aid drinkers that are constantly coaching people through the 10 day.   

Allow me to tell you why this is fabulous.

1.   It's so reasonable.     What you're getting for $36 is kinda amazing.   An entire kit of cleansing, resetting the metabolism, and likely losing at least 5 pounds if ya follow the rules.    Even less if you're a wholesale customer.

2.  EVERY day is the same.  No more wondering when to take your probiotic restore, your cleanse packs.   It's SO dang easy and seamless now.   

3.  UNFLAVORED Fiber Drink.   The biggest complaint I hear about the Cleanse or Challenge is the Fiber Drink.     This is big.    Mix this baby up with your morning Spark and we're golden.

Newbies, if you end up purchasing your cleanse from me, message me that I can make sure you're added into our group.

Chuck Taylor Converse

I've always been a Chuck's lover.    However, the more colors and style that they drum up.... the more that my love seems to deepen.    

These are so dang comfortable and are easily rockable with everything from shorts to leggings.   If you're not already a Chucks girl, you're gonna need to come to the dark side asap.


No shocker here, I know.     You've probably already seen the latest goodies if you're on the Insta (Advorunner) or the FB (Columbus Advocare Runner).

As always, my picture quality is amazing.  #lovemethroughit...

However, I love, love, love this cozy little romper.   A part of the summer uni for sure.

New to Fabletics?    Head here and complete your profile stat.  You won't be sorry.

I've got two more items to share but gotsta get the monkeys rolling so stand by for a big WILW next week!

Happy Humpday!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Shenans with a side of Garlic Olive Oil "Pasta" and Chicken

Morning Sunshines!

Speaking of sunshine....   Who wants to talk about how it was almost 80 yesterday here in the 614?       Was amazing, friends.  

What this tells us is that I had no choice but to take this combo to the dome

and immediately head out.      Hit me.      Some glorious miles went down.

Then I started noticing things like this... (color and blooms and everything!)

from my front yard.  When did this happen?   Awww yes.

And Sunday...   another glorious day.   Where we did this...

Lacrosse games in the sun!       Followed by Sunday Funday which may or may not have involved a patio.

I can't make this up.     

Here's the deal.   Us four season people complain about the winters, it's what we do.    However, when spring rolls in, it's a happiness like you don't remember.      We all basically have a huge skip in our step and we're forced to appreciate these fabulous seasons.    And just one more reason why I'm a midwest girl.    Tried and true.   The bad makes the good simply amazing.  Kinda like life.

So yes.    Lots of running and outside shenans went down this weekend and that makes me as happy as pig in s*it.   #sns

Okay, let's talk about the recipe that I can't stop making.   I originally posted this on the Insta 
and it won't go away.

Remember how I bought that veggie spiralizer?     Well, it's basically my new best friend.

This little bootleg recipe cures an Italian craving like no other.   Plus, it's completely 24 Day Challenge or 10 Day Cleanse friendly.  Yes, please.

This is a total free style recipe so I really don't have exact amounts.   Just free style it till it tastes good, which is part of the fun.   

Garlic Olive Oil "Pasta" and Chicken

2 or 3 spiralized zucchini
Organic skinless chicken tenders
All the garlic (I used an entire clove because I'm gross like that)
All the olive oil
All the sea salt
All the ground pepper
12 tons of fresh basil (Just kidding.  Kinda)
Handful of oregano
Cherry tomatoes
Red pepper flakes
Pine Nuts (!!!!)


Easy pease...

Spiralize zucchini and set aside.  
Cook chicken in olive oil and all above spice related ingredients, freestyle-style.  #whatwhat
Throw zucchini chicken pan, turn to low, cover and let it all hang out for approximately 10 minutes.    
Remove the whole kit and caboodle from heat.   
Top with red pepper flakes, 12 more pounds of fresh basil, sliced cherry tomatoes, and pine nuts (be still my heart). 

You're gonna feel like you're getting something Italian-ish, pasta-isn, super decadent, and cheat-meal-ish.     What you're getting is something clean and decadent without the feeling of needing a wheelchair and maternity pants to get to bed.

You're welcome.

Put this on rotation, stat.

Working on a What I'm Loving Wednesday post for tomorrow so get ready!

Make it a great day, kitty cats.  Meow.   

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Letters

Howzabout some Friday letters?!

Dear Weather Man,      Why you do me like this?     It has rained with a side of lightning for 40 days and nights here in the 614.     All I know is you better not be lying about the weekend forecast or I'm coming for ya.

Dear People Who Already Have Their Spring Mulching Done,     Please put the rake down and stop stressing me out.    We've got time.  

Dear Runnerdog,    Why must you humiliate me like this?     Escaping the yard and forcing me to chase you in pajama pants, no bra, and bare feet.     I have reason to believe that I ran close to a mile with no bra and bare feet.   It wasn't pretty.   Seriously.   

Dear 24 DC,   You never fail me.      Day 5 and feeling way better.     Cadbury eggs, be gone.

Dear Selfie Stick,   You may be the best $20 purchase I've ever made.      You bring joy everywhere you go.   Happiness to all ages.       Even my monkeys are obsessed with you.      So selfie stick, thanks for

Dear Bib Overalls,     Are you really back?   I see you and you're everywhere.    I loved you in high school when we wore those special Guess bibs with one side down.    I even loved you in the shorts version in college when the Gap carried you.     But I can't love you a third time.    I just can't.

Dear Curling Wand,    How did I not know about you?     My sweet little nanny / 3rd child taught me your ways and you're kinda amazing.      You give perfect beachy waves oh and they stay.     The 8 year old , who basically has the hair thickness of 3 normal heads, also loves you.       You're amazing, curling wand.

Dear Running Playlist,    I'm straight up loving you right now.    You're perfect.     And for once, I think I'm fully satisfied with you.

Hope you kitty cats have a fab weekend!   See you back here in a minute!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday! Got Slam?! 24 DC and Weekend Wrap Up!

Hi friends!   So apparently Easter has come and gone and several of us are starting the 24 Day Challenge today!  Oh and a couple of you crazy fools decided to start yesterday!    Yokay dokay, crazy fools.      The rest of us are gonna be jelly come the end of this thing and you're done and feeling fabulous a day before the rest of us. 

So....   If you purchased from myself or anyone from my team and haven't been added to our Facebook group yet, message me stat and I'll hook a sistah/ brothah up.  

The weekend before a challenge is always slightly rough for me.   Mainly because I'm majorly lax.    

So let's talk about stuff....

Weekend Workouts

Friday-     Nothin'.   It rained like a bizzz here in the 614 for 40 days and nights on Friday.    Plus, my body was barking and mamacita needed a rest day.  

Saturday-  6 miles on the tready with a side of spin bike.

Sunday (aka Easter)-  Nothin'   

This brings me to my next point.   My blood has stop moving and all muscles have atrophied.    I've logged about 40-ish miles this week but haven't lifted a weight since Monday due to the fact that my muscles needed a break after that crazy Crossfit open.  (yes, I'm still talking about this.)       Oh and ps- can I shamelessly brag for one second?    Okay good.

You guys, I went into this open straight up terrified and somehow I ended up ranked twice in the final leaderboard.     7th in my age category in the central east division.   54th amongst all women's scaled.   What the french toast?     No idea how this happened but me thinks it's hard work and Advocare Performance Elite.    JS....

And ps-  These people are from my box and I kinda love them too. 

Division: Women’s Scaled
*54th Jennifer Brandenburger 
73rd Tiffany Hunter
*81st Susan Lorenz

Division: Men’s Scaled Masters 40-44
*6th Brian Garrett
22nd Brian Weis

Division: Women’s Scaled Masters 40-44
*7th Jennifer Brandenburger
*13th Susan Lorenz

Glad it's over but I already can't wait for next year.   Currently on deck....

Training for a fall full (TBD) starts in June.  Giddy up, giddy up, yo's.   Anyone doing a fall full?  Pretty sure yes.  So here's the deal...I've lotteried for Chicago but TBD.  Can always use Columbus as a back up.     But I kinda need a full destination race, I'm thinkin'.   Who is doing what????  I need ideas.

What else?   

 Who wants to talk about me eating almost a whole bag of these.....???

So yes, unless you're new, you know I basically can't turn these down and would possibly give away a #runnerdog and 3 fingers to score a bag in times of desperation.      So this was almost borderline planned.     But it wasn't because they were supposed to go in the Easter baskets of my innocent, deprived, helpless small children.      If my calculations are correct, I ate approximately 800-900 calories worth of these in one day.  And ya know what????    I'm not even really mad about it.    Because I love them and it wasn't like I was mindlessly eating jelly beans that I "kinda" love and "kinda" don't.   I love these "almost" as much as peanut butter but at least I can pretend peanut butter is healthy.  With this, I've got nothin.'      'Tis the season.

Several friends sent me this over the weekend.... am I really that  predictable?   Me thinks yes.


Easter egg hunts at the grammy's.

Followed up lots of Easter shenans up in here.

#selfiestick.  We all need one.  I'm cereal.

Okay, so the challenge....

Day one.  You guys know this drill.  And if if this is your first rodeo, chances are we've already talked or emailed and you're prepared.

However, I kinda can't help myself so allow me to reiterate one more time...

1.  Weigh yourself this morning.
2. Take measurements this morning.
3. DO NOT under any circumstances even look at a scale and/ or measure yourself again until next Thursday.    Meaning day 11.    Your weight will fluctuate these first few days.   You're gonna feel slightly bloated from the fiber drink.  DO NOT fret.  Drink water like it's your second job and refrain.   I'm serious.

Also,   on the cleanse/challenge, you're allowed up to 3 Sparks a day.    My latest jam, which I kinda forgot about....

Slam.   Such a quick pick me up and it definitely helps with appetite control.  Especially when you drive by Chik Fil A and you're starving and they've got their special vents open and you wanna go in there and order up a fried sandwich with those special waffle fries and not bat an eye.   Hmmm...hmmm...  I'm not the only one.   So yes, Slam is my jam at the moment.  (#poet)

Apparently it's time to start the work day but I'll be back laters babes with some more goods.

Happy Monday

-AR out