Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Sentiments, March StitchFix Review, and the Next Group 24 Day Challenge

Sunday!   And I've had a super duper productive one so far.  All while watching Millionaire Matchmakers in the background... yes, please.     ps-  Does anyone else think Patti is getting nicer?   What's happening here?

Let's get down to biz...

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   3 mile shake out run in order to calm the nerves before Crossfit Open 15.5.    More on the Crossfit Open in a jiffy but this was me exactly one second after putting the barbell down on the final thruster of 15.5.   

No words.   None.   And you guys know me by now and know that the no words thing rarely happens.    #sweetbabyjesus the Open was crazy and awesome.   If you've got so much as a competitive pinky toe bone in your body, give the Open a try.    Then we can all obsess together next year and I'll be real happy.  Mainly because I'm pretty sure that the rest of the peeps in my world that don't happen to be obsessed with crossfit....are kinda ready for me to shut the hell up and stop talking about this.   #facty.   I still love 'em though.

My crazy girls.

Saturday-  6-ish mile run in the 20 degree temps.   Those crazy temps somehow felt good.  Probably because I nearly burst into flames in the pic above just the night before.

Sunday-     Recovery Day.  We know I hate this but I'm doing it.   And of course, my boyfriend, the most interesting man in the world...knows exactly how I feel...

Mkkkay.... Let's talk about....

Next Fix just arrived and I'm all in.  

Yes, these pics are all kindsa horrible lighting.  Oh and I totally had bed head.    Then there's the selfie stick....  You guys...
Just love me through it.....  

Okay, so don't know how StitchFix works???  Read all about it here.  You won't be sorry.  

First things first... even if you don't commit to StitchFix...complete your profile.  It's FREE.  And it's way fun. 

We have...

1.  Pink Martini Zeke Printed Shift Dress

This dress is lined and comfy and could easily be dressed up or down.   Not sure where I'm going in it but me likes.   The quality is legit too.

2.   Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top

This one is  me and will likely be part of my main uniform over the next few months.  Giddy up, locals.   

3.   Olive & Oak Glynnie Striped Top

Fit is awesome.    Would be super cute with cut offs in the summer or under a little jacket with jeans.  Very versatile and again, quality is awesome. 

4.  Mystree Sharla Embroidery Detail Top

Didn't love this one, not gonna lie    I could see me complementing a stranger on it.  However, just not me.  Despite that, the quality and detail were beautiful.    Still on the fence and may try and make it work.  

5.   41 Hawthorn Carson Graphic Chevron Cross- Front Blouse

Really liked this one too.    This would definitely be a good post-Thanksgiving meal shirt.   And I'm serious.  
Flattering, yet somehow hides it all ladies!

So there we have it.  This was my 8th Fix and I feel like my stylist and I are totally back on track. 

Again.... complete your profile and come to the dark side.     Plus, I wanna see what you guys get.   Two friends are currently waiting for Fix's and I basically stalk them morning noon and night for projected delivery dates.      StitchFix is a crowd pleaser for sure! 

And...lastly.... I'm sure you guys saw on Facebook, but our next big group 24 Day Challenge kicks off on April 6th.  As in next Monday.  As in the day after Easter.   Perfect timing???    Me thinks so.

Do you guys know my friend, Lauren???   She's pretty amazing.   Her entire journey started with just this.... the 24 Day Challenge.

Let's take a moment to admire her hard work and progress...shall we?

Right??  She's amaze.     She started with a challenge, continues to LOVE her Advo products and loves the Performance Elite line quite possibly more than me.   She's a beast and I kinda love her.

So yes, April 6th.  This means we've got a week and one day to prep, friends.

I have a private Facebook page for my team and their customers and we'd love to have you join us.  

Order your challenge here.    Message me when you do... and I'll add you in.   If you're a customer of someone on my team...same deal.  Shoot me a message and I'll add you in a jiffy.

If you're already added, sit pretty and get pumped.

Hope you guys are having a funderful Sunday.    

See you back here tomorrow with some more deets.



Friday, March 27, 2015

2 Weeks? And Did Someone Say Pizza??? And Frittata?

Willy Wonka always says it best.   

I miss this little bloggy and need to make it a priority again.   Truth be told, I almost feel like Instagram is the new blog these days.     Not just for me but for lots of my old blog friends.     

Don't follow me on the Insta?    Here ya go, yo...

At any rate...  I'll be back as always.  Prommy.

Okay, lots to discuss.   

Did you guys miss the drawing for the winner of the 300th blog post?     I kinda did too...

Video is front and center on the Facebook page.      Oh and so is #runnerdog.  He clearly couldn't handle not being in the vid.     Cleary he's mine.

We've got a winner and she's getting a box of Spark (Mango Strawberry.... it's my new fave)

AND.... my jams....  Catalyst..

So yeah, these two go together peanut butter and a face plant.  

Let's talk about pizza....

Y'all know I also love trying to pretend like I'm eating real pizza when I'm not.       Check the Recipes tab for the other bootleg pizza stuff I've done.    So I feel like this is gonna be legendary.   

I found this recipe while I was stalking the inter webs for healthy pizza fixes.

I'll be drumming this up this weekend and it looks ridiculously easy.    The beauty of a frittata is that it's so easy to reheat, very portable, and a super easy, quick lunch or breakfast on the go.  #winning

The original recipe is here.    I'm making modifications as posted below.  

Pizza Frittata

12 Eggs
2 T Water
3 T Olive Oil
1/2 Bag Frozen Trifecta Blend of Peppers (Trader Joe's!)
8 oz Sliced Mushrooms
4 oz Turkey Pepperoni (chopped)
3 tsp Oregano
4 Garlic Cloves (Or a scoop of already minced from the jar if you're lazy like me)
Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
8 oz Shredded Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
1 C Sugar Free Pasta Sauce (I bought Trader Joe's Organic Marinara... Not totally sugar free but very low sugar and clean.)


1.  Heat oil in large non stick pan

2.  Saute peppers, mushrooms, and turkey pepperoni for 5 minutes.  Add garlic, oregano, salt and pepper.  Stir well.  

3. Whisk eggs and water together.   Add a little more salt and pepper.   Transfer to pan.  

4.  Mix egg mixture as it cooks.   In about 2-3 minutes, it should be somewhat sturdy enough to support the pasta sauce on top.    Add pasta sauce and cheese.

5.   Remove from stove top and place in oven under broiler to brown the top.     Eggs should be done by this point, but if not, turn oven down to approx. 300 degrees and allow to cook for a couple minutes.

Soooo.....let's all make this and talk about it immediately. Wanna????  

This recipe would need to be avoided during 10 day cleanse but okay during Max Phase.   The concern is obviously the dairy.  However, per serving, dairy is very minimal.   I say appropriate for the Max.  

Hope you guys have an amazing Friday.  

Crossfit Open 15.5 for me!     Speaking of.... I'm working on a post on the Open, the products I used, and how I thought I could possibly die on more than one occasion.   #addicting   #dramatic #sorrynotsorry


Laters Babes.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Letters!

Takin' it back to the old school with Friday Letters!

As always, here we go, yo.

Dear Most Interesting Man in the World,    I can't get enough of you.  You're everywhere and you're hilarious.  And I almost feel like you know me.   Especially when you say stuff like this.

And this....

Dear Monday Night,  Now that the Bachelor is over, what am I gonna do????    Bachelor people...what's next?  What do we do?   

Dear CrossFit Open,   You wear me out and make me feel like I need 5 epsom salt soaks with a side of 12 massages a day.   However, I love you .

Dear Cadbury Egg People,    Why you gotta go making a dark chocolate version?    As my friend said...that means they're healthy right?    (if you've been reading the blog for awhile, you know these are my weakness.   Well that, peanut butter, Mexican, and buffalo wings.)

Dear 8 year old,  I got scared when you asked me how dogs meet their husbands and wives and I said "huh?"  and you said "well how else would they have puppies?"     Thank goodness that new Kelly Clarkson song came on and you forgot about it.

speaking of.....

Dear That New Kelly Clarkson Song,    OMG, I can't get enough of you.      And new-ish Sam Hunt song, you may be my favorite song of Spring 2015.

Dear RunnerDog,   I kinda love that when I open a peanut butter jar or even so much as whisper the word "peanut butter," you run and grab your big Kong and wait for me to fill that baby up.  Then you proceed to go on with your bad self  in the privacy of another room so you can enjoy every bite 'o that goodness in peace.    It's like your the son I never had.

It's the weekend peeps...

Let's Act Like it!

See y'all back here Sunday for Sunday Sentiments.  #whatwhat

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Kindsa Good Stuff....

Happy Tuesday, bloggy's!

First off, who got their Mint Chocolate Brownie in today???

#SBJ, these are off the hizzroe.   (hizzroe = hook.  Yep, made that up too..)

I see lots of you are hoarding these and ordered a zillion boxes.   I, for one, only ordered two.    And here's why.... I'm not a huge meal replacement drinker.  Not gonna lie.   I always still need some kind of food if I'm replacing a meal with a shake.   I still drink my shakes on the go, don't get me wrong.    But dang, these take the cake.   I thought the White Mint Chocolate at Christmas time was the bomb. Still hoarding those, ps.   But these.   Dis is where it's at.    And I ordered more.   I got scared they were gonna sell out.   Cuz they will.   

My local friends...  who is running Cap City Half Marathon????

Do tell!  

Y'all know I love this race and it's slowly creeping up on us. 

So yes, giddy up, because it's coming.    And I'm pumped.  Last year I saw several of you and it made #misohappy.   Let's do that again, K?

Let's talk more about my new obsession...

What roped me in was this...

Was in love with this Tory Burch ditty...but at $395, no bueno. 

Here we've got a Keep Collective Time Keeper ringing in at $95 total.  And the quality is fab.   Not to mention, if you've been stalking the Tory Burch watch like me, you're saving 3 Hundo.   #winning  

The red and gold.  Seriously.  It's such a great pop of color and goes. with. errrrrthing.  


So yesterday, it was pretty much summer here in the 614.  This means it was sunny and 50 degrees and the mounds of snow melted.   For real.   I can't believe it either. 

This basically lead me to run in a tank top and take video selfies when I was finished to document the whole thing.     All while  the #runnerdog looked on in disgust/ awe.  

If I weren't so shy, I'd post one.

But yes, Thursday is on.   I may run #allthemiles and never stop.

So one of my posts from the Insti stirred something within you. 

I posted this picture....

With this...

Sooo...I do bad things sometimes too. 
Last night... A zillion empty sugar calories in my fave margaritas. Oh and #allthechipsandqueso. Like literally... All of em. 
Today- I proceed to eat this entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Cuz I needed 'em. 
Do I wish I didn't eat the whole bag? Yes. 
Do I say "screw it, the day is ruined..,what else can I eat?" HELLZ NO

Do I feel guilty? 
Nope. I work hard and play hard and life is meant for living. The key is knowing when to live and knowing when to reign it in. 
Right back on the wagon with a 6 mile run, my #carbease, and lots of water. 
The longer you're off the wagon, the worse you'll feel. We all know this. Giddy up and remember, if ya commit the crime, gonna have to pay the time. 
That's all.  #advolife #advocare #advorunner

In summary... I'm normal too... Forever and Ever, Amen.

Oh and ps- don't forget to enter my giveaway.   Just head over to the Facebook page and leave your comment.  No big.

Drawing on Sunday.  Like a boss.

Nighty Night, 


Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Giveaway, Latest Fabletics Loot, and Do you Know about Keep Collective???

My 300th post on the bloggy!  Who knew!?!?  

I'm thinking that entails a celebration.  Which basically means we need a giveaway.   Yes?    

Howza bout a box of Spark and my beloved Catalyst?      Never tried Spark?    You can read about why you need it here.  

These two go together like peanut butter and...everything.. so clearly I can't give away one without the other.

To enter... All ya gotta do is leave a comment on the FB page and tell me where you're from!  Easy peasy.  I did this on the Insta awhile back and I loved reading your responses.   

I'll have one of the future runners that I'm breeding randomly draw a name.  Just like we did for the virtual turkey trot.


Latest goods.

I seriously love the Salar capris and think I have about 5 or 6 versions between the pants and capris.   Great compression, and super fun prints and colors.     Yes.  

Okay, my new obsession would be the Oula tanks.   They fit amazing and are $19.  Seriously.     Remember how I used to buy Lululemon Cool Racerbacks on the reg for double that price, then some?   Yeah, haven't done that in months.  These are awesome for running, crossfit, boxing, name it.   No built in bra so you can wear whatever your tatas need for the workout at hand.   The quality is awesome.   'Specially for less than a twenty spot.   

Now this t-shirt... it somehow ended up in my cart on a whim.   I don't love it but it was cheap and I'll find something to do with it.   At this point, I feel like it's more work than it's worth to fill out the special paper and send it back.    Ya feel???

So yes, still loving Fabletics and completely look forward to the 1st of the month in order to see the new releases.

Next up... Do you guys know about Keep-Collective?     

I didn't either.    But now I do and mamacita likey.  

My girlfriend on the west coast discovered this little gem and has been posting the most ridiculously adorbsy and customizable stuff.   "Adorbsy"...  I just made that word up and I'm real sorry but it works so let's go with it...

 So yes, I'm obsessed with the wrap watches, the mesh bracelets, and a zillion and one other things.   Oh and adorable little gifts for bridal showers, a bachy party, a new bambino...the options are endless, really.   Stay tuned for my latest goods.   

Local friends, I'm hosting a little shin dig in a few weeks so giddy up.   We'll get the selfie stick out and everything.    Obvi.

And lastly... my friend (hi Meg!) who is kinda like the Pioneer Woman, but not really, sent me this spicy shredded pork recipe today.

Oh em gee.

Okay, this is clearly the Pioneer Woman's pic.

She's fancy with her pics and everything.   However, I've already snuck a couple bites of mine and you's ridic.    Obviously, I'll post a pic of the finished product on the Insta later.

Disclaimer...her recipe calls for 1/4 c of brown sugar.    I opted for the poisonous version and used this.

Splenda trolls, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.        I own the fact that I put the poisonous splenda in this recipe so I'm serious, you can't be mad.   Or send me mean splenda emails.      It's practically illegal.   And sorry, not sorry but 1/4 c of brown sugar blend splenda probably won't kill me.
  Actually, it might....but so might everything else...

   Like the sun and the cell phone that's glued to my palm and my favorite lotion and my favorite seasonal gum and my kids Laffy Taffy that I steal and the fact that I lifeguarded my way through high school and college and the fact that the Chipotle meat scooper may or may not have washed his hands after he used the bathroom.
Know what I mean?    Risks everywhere peeps.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

So yes, we do the best we can.    Live life, hope for the best, and use the brown sugar splenda if we want to.

It's 46 degrees and practically summer here in the C-Bus, OH.   And since I'm basically a weather man.... I have reason to believe we're moving on up to the 50's this week.    This pretty much equals runners in shorts everywhere.   I'm serious.  Florida people, I know you'd be wearing your lined running tights in this situation but us, we're shedding layers!  And happy as clams about the whole thing.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So What Wednesday!?

Happy March, bloggy friends!     Doesn't March mean it's practically Spring?    Pretty sure it does.   However, the fact that there's a continuous snowstorm rolling through these parts makes me question life as we know it.

Okay, so let's lighten things up...

As always... Here we go, yo!

**SO WHAT if you guys need this lipstick/ lipgloss immediately?   I'm real sorry but my Advo/ internet friend Lauren posted this the other day and she wasn't lying.    Lime Crime does not move.  So basically you could wear it for the rest of your life and possibly even to your own funeral with one application.    
   Here's our problem....   limit 2 for customer (no big)...However, all the good colors are sold out.    I've done a little stalking and apparently they're doing a big restock in 9 days so mark your calendars.    I have a lipstick but really want a couple glosses.  We all know patience is not my virtue....

**SO WHAT if I'm pretty sure I'm never getting into the NYC Marathon??    Third year in the dice.   NY Marathon...why you do me like dis???   I may need to just accept this and move on.   Then...maybe I'll get in.

**SO WHAT if I just got on the vegetable spiralizer bandwagon and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be life changing?     Veggie "noodles."   How have I lived without this??     Seriously.

**SO WHAT if the big one and I have been practicing hand stand push ups on the reg and she's legit got skills.     See the Insta for live footage but I'm thinking she's gonna out handstand her Mamacita in about 5 minutes.      #girlpower #breedingfitgirls

**SO WHAT if I'm accidentally getting addicted to The Wire?   Oh AND House of Cards....   I'm not a huge TV watcher but let's be real...There's not much better than being completely captivated by Netflix and "just one more episode and I'll go to bed..".. #breakingbad... (oh how I miss thee...)

**SO WHAT if I'm quite possibly more excited about the new Cinderella movie than my two spawns?    Oh em gee.  Looks amazing.

Okay, I swear I'm coming back with some StichFix stuff, a recipe or two, OH and the latest Fabletics goods!

Happy Humpday, friends!