Monday, December 7, 2015

Who Else Is In Denial?

I feel like I'm shopping but nothing seems to be happening.   Meaning, the lists don't seem to be getting smaller.


Oh vey.   It'll happen.

If you've got kiddos, I'm assuming you've got yourself an Elf.   It's basically a full time job...managing these elves.  

You guys, people have spread sheets on their elf activity schedules and everything.    You know who you are.   I still love you but shum on.
Ours basically breaks into peanut butter jars throws a few marshmallows around.  No schedule here.

More importantly, can we talk about the "touchable" elf?   

As if we didn't have our hands full with the original elf,  his touchable friend is now in the pic.   And he's "the thing." 
  And apparently he won't lose his magic if you touch him.     
Of course my kiddos got wind of this prodigy and suddenly we've got two.

The night before these elves arrived, my girls worked feverishly and thoughtfully on  writing a letter to the original elf.   BEGGING, PLEADING for the touchable version.     They gently tucked it next to him before bed.  

Of course, I did what I said I would never do before I had kids and drove all over trying to find these touchable, yet still magical, elves.

Fast forward to 24 hours later...  touchable elves appear, kids are beside themselves with complete and utter Christmas cheer and glee.  


The big one reads the microscopic print on the tag which states... "made in China."     

Within .2 seconds she convinced herself and her sister that these weren't the REAL touchable elves because those elves are made at the North Pole?    NOT China.

Crocodile tears, complete with the kind of crying that looks kind of like hyperventilation with a side of a 102 temperature and a beet red face.   

I'm pretty much speechless by this point as the little one is all...   "mommy, WHY would you GO TO China to get  these fake elves!?   If they were real and really from the elf, they would be from the North Pole."  

I'm basically all.....  "am I on Candied Camera right now??  Because I'm pretty sure I am."

Their dad saved the day by somehow convincing them that the "made in China" is actually where their clothes are made and not the actual elves.      Whatever works.


So now, we've fallen into a trap in which the touchable elves move too.    They moved their first night to "prove their authenticity" and now we're in too deep and can't get out.

In summary.....  We've  got three elves up in here that need moved every night.   


If you missed the winners of the AdvoRunner Turkey Trot, head on over the Facebook.
Two winners.
A 10 day cleanse and a bottle of 02 Gold/ box of Spark.
Winning all around.

Speaking of the 10 day cleanse, we've got a huge group starting up in January.

Giddy up, yo's.   Last year was huge.  This year will be more huge.

Don't get a discount?     You can do it right here.   

I'll add you to the private FB group so you can share the fun with the rest of us.

It's really common sense.    Even if you don't wanna do the challenge... who doesn't want free spark and then Spark at a discounted rate forever and ever?


Some of my favorite Advo ladies this weekend.   Advorunner in the 'Nati.

So yes, the countdown is on....

The inbox is filled to the brim with deals and seductions of 40% off sales...

Speaking of shopping....  I'm still loving the KEEP.  

Looking for cute, personal teacher gifts?

Look no more.

Cute, personal, fun...

The options are endless.  

What's on YOUR wishlist?

Me-   There's really not a thing I need.    Is that good or bad?    I'm having a ton of fun putting together everyone else's gifts and shopping for the little girl that we adopted for Christmas.

Of course, today's message at church was all about putting the "gift/ Santa/ need to put up 5 Christmas trees" focus aside.    Instead, focus on people who have no family or resources for the holidays.   Not even necessarily with money or gifts.   But time and positive, loving gestures.

Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with managing the elves, as mentioned, which kinda goes against the message, I suppose.   However, my hands are tied here.  We're dealing with Santa/ elf-believing kiddos.  
But for myself... I need nothing.


Hope you all had an awesome weekend.

I did for sure.

ps-  Remember when I used to do the weekend wrap up?  With the weekend's workouts and all that good stuff????

I miss that.

Shall we bring it back???

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