Sunday, November 1, 2015

November! And We've Got a Post!

Coming out strong right outta the gate!!!

This was me approximately four hours ago.


Turns out that now that the official "fall back" has hit that 5:30 p.m. is  the new midnight.


All kinds of fun.

And all kinds of Milk Duds.   

This ain't your first rodeo.   You guys know the Milk Duds get me every year.

Three days of shenanigans = two tired monkeys, two belly aches,  and a tired mama who was ready to hit the hay at 5:30 p.m.   As mentioned, this is technically the new midnight so this was practically acceptable. 

Soo....the little one was all prepped and ready to be a mermaid.   Then at the last minute, she decided that mermaid costumes are for babies and they're super embarrassing and...all the kids are gonna think she's a toddler...  and.... crocodile tears....and sobbing on the floor....and.... the school party starts in like 5 minutes....and.... I just bought this God forsaken costume from Pottery Barn Kids and you're gonna be cute and wear it just like we planned....

Next think you know, my butt crack is sweating and I'm whipping out a witch costume from the toy room circa 2012.   

It's never easy is it?    But somehow we sacrificed and she did end up a mermaid for approximately 30 minutes the next day.  

So winning...kinda.

Diet bet starts tooooomorrrow.....

The pot is right at $500 and still growing.     STILL time to get in!  

Missed the story?   Here ya go, yo.

Now that it's November, we can start getting serious about talking about how we're gonna get our Christmas shopping done early...

.... And then still wait till December to panic.

But seriously... we CAN start talking about how we're gonna get our Turkey Trot on! 

Start getting your plan mapped out.    It's #GDFR.

In case you  missed the deets.

Run/ walk/ crawl/ move forward in any manner.    Must be the distance of a 5 k and must happen on Thanksgiving Day.  

Post a pic on my Facebook page or post a pic on Instagram with #AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot.  One of my monkeys will complete the live drawing.  

Two Prizes involved this year...  
1. One full 10 day cleanse! Who doesn't need to do a 10 day cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas????  Exxxxactly.   
2. My favorite running product with a side of Spark... 1 bottle of 02Gold and 1 box of Spark of your choice.  
Get your plan down! We're all in it together!

Did I tell you guys I've got a partner Crossfit Competition coming up??

I'm pretty pumped but this pretty much sums up my partner.   Da Crossfit PoPo.  I love her though.

This day is gonna be all kinds of awesome and hilarious.

I'll be giving you guys a full update on how I fueled once again.     I'll be anxious to compare my last comp and the products I used to this one.  

That is coming up in exactly 14 days so time to get serious up in here.

For my Diet Betters and 24 Day Challenge peeps... good luck tomorrow!   

For the rest of's Monday.. give it hell!


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