Monday, October 12, 2015

The benny's and other topics, of course.

Sooo...  I can't take it any longer so love me through it.   We've gotta talk about the benny's of this here little Advo distirbutor kit, friends.  

Over the course of time, lots of you have gone to my website, ordered your Spark, paid FULL price..... because " It's just easier to pay full price / I don't wanna be locked in / I don't wanna sell anything / I didn't know about the distributor kit/  I'm not ready to do that.."   rinse and repeat....

In all honesty... I get it.  I was that person too.     

So....Years pass by and you're STILL my people and you're STILL paying full price for your Spark.     

Time to cry for me, Argentina.

This pains me for numerous reasons.

It's such an easy peasy thing.

Lemme do some 'splainin.

#1.    You don't have to sell anything.  At all.  Ever.   The End.  Unless you want to.   However, that's a whole different post.
 But srrrsyly.  This kit unlocks your discount.    And provides you with free spark.  That's it.  Prommy.

#2.    For $79, you're RECEIVING $69 worth of Spark.  3 boxes.  #turndownforwhat

#3.  For the same $79, you're also getting 20% off anything you ever order again.  Forever and ever Amen.
    Run out of your three boxes of Spark?   No probs.

20% off your next order.  And the next, rinse and repeat.

It legit.  Promise. 
No commitment to sell anything, no minimum orders required, no auto shipment.  
It's truly as easy as it seems. 

#4.  You also get to be a part of our little Facebook community in which we say things like 
"ummm... when is Rehydrate Gel coming back??? I'm dying a slow death here!"   And  "OMG, I ate more than 5 lumberjacks this weekend and need to do an emergency 10 day cleanse, who is with me?"    
Ya know, the basics.

Do you order Spark from someone on my team?
Do yourself a large and contact them.  Tell 'em you're ready to roll.   

Still ordering from me and still paying retail?  

Do yourself another large and take the plunge.  Right here.   

You'll have your Spark AND your discount in a hot second.

Now.... still haven't had Spark?   

We need to talk about that too.  

THIS post from a million years ago is one of the top read posts on this little bloggy.   Who doesn't wanna know why they need Spark?  

The thing is, this post was written before the new formula was released.   WHICH is even more amazing.   Less calories, less carbs.   Winner.  All day.

Other things we need to discuss.

1.   Do you know about Apple Music?

You guys, apparently, I'm the last person in the free world to know about this.  However, it's a true Christmas miracle that just keeps on giving.    You all know I download music like it's my 4th job.    However, I'm now paying $9.99 a month for whatever I desire at any given moment.   I mean?

If I'm being honest with myself, I was spending that and then some in one week  on I Tunes.   I partially blame my friend Nikki.   But still...

2.    My 9 year old turned... well...9 today.   And honestly....  the time flying aspect is frightening me.

And while we're at it, can we talk about the 5 1/2 year old growing up too?   

3.   Thank you to my Keep Collective lovers.  

You guys rock.  

Interested in free KEEP from the comfort of your couch and pj's?    Message me and I'll set you up with a painless online Facebook social.

The new holiday line drops tomorrow to designers and soon thereafter for everyone else.   Now's the time.  Getcho self some.

The majority of my hostesses earn around $100 in free loot.  Not bad for playing with bling and telling your story via arm candy.

4.   Is anyone else having a love affair with their crockpot?

What I really need to know is if anyone else has ever done this...?

Because I'm about to.    All the prep done.   Remover from freezer and crank the crock pot.   

Here's the other thing.    My crockpot makes me a happier person in general.     Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous.. but wait for it...

** I have an automatic sense of accomplishment when something is placed in the crockpot before I leave home for the day.  

** My day then involves zero food related dinner stress.

** I anticipate the smell of delicious said crockpot dinner all day.

**The actual smell upon arrival.. #hollah

**Minimal clean up, minimal kitchen mess, just minimal dinner chaos.

Ya feel?

Shall we start a crockpot revolution?

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