Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Sentiments

Ahhh... once again, it's like the olden days!

Sunday Sentiments!

Let's see....

It's fall, y'all.   

Who else's running route looks like this?   I couldn't get enough.   

Honestly, this weekend was pure fall deliciousness.

Speaking of running and fall deliciousness,  are we ready for the second annual AdvoRunner Turkey Trot???


You know the rules...

Run/ walk/ crawl/ move forward in any manner.    Must be the distance of a 5 k and must happen on Thanksgiving Day.  

Post a pic on my Facebook page or post a pic on Instagram with #AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot.  ‪#‎AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot‬. One of my monkeys will complete the live drawing later that day.  

Two Prizes involved this year...  
1. One full 10 day cleanse! Who doesn't need to do a 10 day cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas????  Exxxxactly.   
2. My favorite running product with a side of Spark... 1 bottle of 02Gold and 1 box of Spark of your choice.  
Get your plan down! We're all in it together!

What else?

A little 5k with my favorite 9 year old.

Running 9 year olds are my favorite 9 year olds.
'Specially this one.

Speaking of 9 year olds...   Ummm... Target's initial loot is back.    

Obviously, I strapped those kids in the car and drove mach 90 to Target to score this...

The initial tassel keychain.   There's more where this came from...

According to the Facebook, lots of you here in the 614 ran this....

Which makes me very happy.

4 miles.   Finished on the 50 of my favorite stadium in the land.     Yes, please.  #advocoasttocoast #gobucks #614 #hashtag #hashtag 

This was followed by this...

Followed by brunch which entailed this...

Oh mylanta.   You guys.    Gourmet doughnuts at brunch are kinda the thing.     Good Lordy.

I made the executive decision that this here caliber of doughnut just doesn't roll around every day.    So basically these beauty's served as an appetizer.  

Don't even feel remotely sad about it.

We've got a whole slew of 10 Day Cleanses and 24 Day Challenges coming up between now and Christmas.

Yes and yes.

I'll see you guys again this week.


Love you, miss you, mean it.

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