Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lose Weight with AdvoRunner BEFORE the holidays- And win moolah too!

Let's talk about the facts.

**We've gotta act fast.**

AdvoRunner is working with DietBet to get us svelte  BEFORE the holidays.    

Lose 4% of your body weight in November AND be held accountable.   Don't wait till the New Year.  Enjoy the holidays with that special "I'm feeling good about myself" glow.    
Girl (and boys too)...You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Here's the story.

1.  We've got a special "Lose Weight BEFORE the holidays" link set up on Diet Bet. 

2.   Place a one time bet of $35 bet that you  lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, starting on Monday November 2nd!

The peeps at Diet Bet manage all of our bet's, which means they manage the moolah.

3.   At the end of 4 weeks, anyone in our Diet Bet group who has lost 4% of their body weight ,  splits the entire pot.    Meaning, you'll make your money back and THEN some.

4.  But it gets better....  Anyone who uses the 24 Day Challenge  to lose said 4% of body weight and purchases from someone on my team or myself , automatically gets entered to win EXTRA moolah from yours truly.

After I get the final word from Diet Bet on who achieved the 4% loss ...

Yours truly will be giving THREE RANDOM winners:

1.   $75 in cold hard cash.
2.  $50 in cold hard cash.
3.  A canister of the new amazing formula of our beloved Spark.  

***ANYONE can participate.      However, the additional above mentioned prizes will only be available to the Advocare users.   EVERYONE can win a cut of the pot, though, so everyone... SHUM on.

And did I mention...?  

I just paid my bet to Diet Bet and have already received the email telling me what to do next.  

Wanna know WHY I'm in?
It goes a little something like this...

You know I am not a big believer in the scale and when I weigh in on Monday, this will be the first time I've weighed myself in ages.

However, I have reason to believe I'm probably up about 5 or 6 lbs.    I'm normal too.   And I love queso.  After all.... #everykissbeginswithqueso   And I love #AllTheNutButters.    We all know that.
 And I've been way to lax in general.

Yes I work out, eat healthy the majority of the time, and take the most awesome supplements in the world...


I've still been falling into bad habits.  An unplanned happy hour here and there,  stress eating when my kids need to be in 14 places at once, not drinking enough water.   You guys know the drill.

So I'm in this with y'all.  

We start on Monday!    If you're 24 Day Challenging, we finish that the DAY before Thanksgiving.   #hollah.

The 4 weeks will officially end on November 29th.   Either way, we've got to contend with Thanksgiving in there but we're all in the same boat.    A splurge on T-Day is probably to be expected.   However, we'll definitely hold each other accountable.

Let's answer some burning questions.

1.  How does it REALLY work?   

It's simple.  I promise.

2.  How does Diet Bet know people aren't cheating and how do the weigh ins work???

You can read the official rules and how it all goes down here.  

But in a nutshell...

*Diet Bet sends you an email with a private, "secret weigh in word."

You take two pics of yourself. 

One in plain "airport security attire"on the scale.
One of the actual scale with your "secret weigh in word."

Shoot those pics straight to Diet Bet from your phone and you're done.

You'll repeat the above process on the last day of the contest and then hopefully sit back and collect your winnings. 

So get yourself locked in, if you're challenging with us, get that loot ordered TODAY.   

The direct link to our game is here.

Feel free to share with all of the universe.  The bigger the pot gets, the happier we get when we win that moolah.

Happy Wednesday.  Let's give it hell.

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