Saturday, October 3, 2015

Did You Know?

Hey girl, hey...

Did you know that I've joined the October Mileage Challenge?  AND I want you to join me?

We've got 31 days, friends.    The month is our oyster. 

October 3rd. Tally for me thus far = Zero Miles.   So there's that...   #CrossfitLife

But seriously... 1/2 marathon this month.  Plus amazing fall running weather.   

100 Miles.  

Let's do it.

Roger That.

That my mail situation is  out of control?

You guys, enter Rocksbox 

Do you wanna buy every single piece that Kendra Scott produces?      Only... you've gotta be somewhat responsible and somehow refrain from doing exactly that??

This is why we all need Rocksbox.'s off chuhzaine, doe.

So... hear me out. 

First things first, those amazing peeps at Rocksbox have  offered all you AdvoRunner blog readers a FREE month with code 


The code is live and ready to roll.


No commitment.  Cancel any time.  They're just being nice.   And..... want us to fall in love with Rocksbox, but that's neither here nor there. 

So....if you decide to stay with Rocksbox, you pay $19 per box after you're done with your freebie.      Each box contains 3 amazing pieces of jewelry, based on your profile.   You wear it till you're bored, send it back, rinse and repeat.  OR... you keep a piece and automatically get $10 of your $19 credited towards the piece of jewelry that you decided to keep.

I just got my first box and am kinda in love with all 3 pieces.  Which is frightening and exhilarating
 for what's to come.  

That there's been a serious discovery involving a bootleg Pumpkin Spice Latte?    Discovered by my girl, Nealy...  On the Pinterest... for all to know and love.

Oh My...

280 calories... and a whole lotta goodness.

Here's what we need... 

1 packet Coffeeccino

10 oz Water, ice, shake or blend.   TTTD...

That right NOW is a great time to start a 24 Day Challenge?   If not now....when?  The holidays are coming, friends.  And they're typically never pretty.

Newbies, join us on the FB board... we need some new meat!    

Remember when I tried the Lean in 13 Program?    And hated every minute??

I'm "dabbling" with the thought of giving it another whirl.  

I mean... it's 13 Days for the love of the land.

For those of you who have done it..and completed it, I wanna hear about it.

I get emails on the reg asking about LI13 and I hate that I pretty much have to say...

I've got nothin....

So yes, let's talk about this.

That fall is awesome?    Warm weather people, I'm real sorry you've gotta hear us midwest and east coast peeps blabbing about fall all over the Insta and FB for 2 months.    Love us through it.  
  Technically, it all evens out in the winter when we're walking 10 miles uphill in the blizzard of 2016 to get to work.

First there's the candles (duh.)

ps-  I'm convinced that Salted Caramel is pretty much my beloved and extinct Summer Boardwalk in disguise.   Not 100% but close enough to make me super happy.

The Indoorsy sweatshirt is back in action.

Oh and if this right here isn't reason enough, I don't know what is.

Ya Feel??

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