Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is This Thing On? An Update

No seriously.   This summer has been ridiculously busy.   And ridiculously fun.

   But no srssly... in the meantime, this blog has gone to hell in a handbag.

 Remember when I used to post 2-3 times a week?   
Sniff.   I miss that.

What's happened to us?

Truth be told, the Instagram  is kinda taking over the bloggy world.  Sad but true.   You can keep up with your peeps multiple times a day.   It's quick, easy, portable.   Errrbody doing it.     

But yes, where've I been?     

Hanging with those monkeys.

I swear they both grew 2 feet this summer.

Doing a whole lotta Advocare-ing.

I know it seems like the blog and social media are my main Advo- related squeezes but that couldn't be farther from the truth.   The good stuff comes in grass roots relationships and conversations.    Promise.   I love the social media world but nothing replaces the in real life and on the phone stuff.   It just doesn't.      Now granted, I've made a whole lotta fabulous connections from the bloggy/ social media world and I love that more than Oprah loves (loved?) biscuits.  

Crossfitting, Running, and Yoga-Ing

Here's the deal.   I've made a very responsible "big girl" decision....

I've deferred my Chicago Marathon entry until next year....

I know...!?!?

But the real deal is...  I wasn't enjoying my long runs.  In fact, I was dreading them.    And squeezing them in without thought, here and there and whenever I could.

I wanted to be at Crossfit, yoga, running 5 or 6 miles.... basically ANYWHERE but squeezing in the 14, 16, or 18 mile run that I was supposed to be doing.

The old me would have muscled through.

The new me said... "meh... Not feeling it.. I'm gonna spend my time doing what I enjoy."   

So I deferred.  Then I immediately drummed up a group to run the Columbus Half Marathon with me.   
  You know I can't NOT do a fall race.   A full marathon felt daunting this year.   The Columbus Half feels amazing.  
My runs are good.  I still have time for Crossfit and the other physical stuff I love.

So as far as I'm concerned, winning.   All around.  

This is the first year in forever I haven't ran a full.   And I'm okay with it.

Keep Collective-Ing

I have no idea how this happened.   But I've somehow built a little team.    And I swear it's fun.  I blame the Cali girls.   

Want in on my little KEEP gig?     $149 for a whole lot of goodies, which makes you a designer.   Pretty much everything I've done has been online.   I've made back my $149 investment a zillion times.   I can't make this up.  Did I mention it's way fun?   

And lastly....

You guys, I'm obsessed with FanDuel.   I wish I were joking.   

Now that NFL football is full throttle, this is kinda the best thing ever.    

Umm.... is that Advorunner in first place out of 100 playaaaah's for all of Sunday night?    Yes.  Yes it is.

Love football?   You need FanDuel in your life immediately.   Find me.  Let's go head to head.  I'm cereal.

Obvi-  my Advo boys, 'specially Drew, are my picks every time.

Anyway, I miss you guys and now that summer is over, I'm hoping to be back to regular blogging.   Seriously.   

Let's be BFF's again....
Love you, miss you, mean it....

The end.

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  1. Hi! I ran across your blog looking for Lean in 13 ideas, recipes. I found a few things you had posted about doing it but didn't see your final results? Not sure if you hated it and didn't want to post or I'm looking in wrong place. I'm on day 2 and its def not easy.. I read where you said you envied people doing the 24 DC.. AMEN (today I actually craved a banana) 😁 Any who I think your blog is great... My kinda read!! I also see you do stitch fix. I recently signed up and first box comes Oct 5th. Christmas coming early!! AND I just heard of keep collective from a FB friend and I'm in LOVE!! you and I may be twins lol.