Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Sentiments... Back from the DFW, Random Stuff, and Chocolate/ PB Mug Cake (Oh Mylanta)

Hey cats!

Back from Dallas and ready to roll!

The highlights-

Having all of Six Flags over Texas to ourselves.    Yes.    Advo rented out the entire park for leasdership team.   


So yes, imagine just rolling up to an awesome coaster that would otherwise have a 2 hour wait....   Basically the most stressful decision involved was "hmmm....which seat do I want?"

Full on Spark/ Rehydrate bar/ OTG bar.    Yes, please.  

Meeting these two... whom I've "known" for two plus years.   But we've never met in real life.

We connected over this here world wide web.   All three of us love the Advo and all three of us do the bloggy thing.   It was only natural that we became internet BFF's. 

Lauren  and Niki, you guys are awesome.

Becoming even more obsessed with Rich Froning.

He basically walked on stage on his hands...

And then proceeded to complete  "heavy" Isbabel.  Which means he did 30 snatches at 225 lbs in 4 minutes and change.    Fellow Crossfit kool aid drinkers... you know how crazy this is.

Spent some time with some amazing ladies.

And learned a whole lotta new stuff.

Absolutely amazing.   

Pss-   Wanna have your mind blown?

Mix a packet of this with 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk, spray coffee mug with cooking spray, microwave for 2 minutes, flip onto plate, top with 1 tbsp natural nut butter.  

Oh Lordy.    350 ish calories and a truck load of protein.

What else?

Weekend Workouts?


A whole bunch.  

Oh and look who's back?

#RunnerDog back in action.  (what, what?)

Speaking of Running...

WHEN are Rehydrate Gels coming back?   Anyone?  Anyone?  

Next group challenge starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.    Yes.  Yes.   

Come play with us.   

I'll leave you with this.   

Don't you love?

Talk soon,


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