Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 6th! A Pep Talk!

Just a quick Sunday check in as things are about to get  all kindsa crunk  up in here.

I posted this on the private Facebook board but love you guys too so feel the need to make it a double post.  

 Sharing is Caring.

Remember the last time I did a full explanation of the challenge?   

Booyah!   So smooth......and stuff....

A real YouTube video is coming soon explaining all kindsa goodies.     Get comfy cuz it's gonna be entertainment for all of us.  

Let's get down to bizz....

July 6th 10 Day Cleanse/ 24 Day Challenge peeps!!!   Tomorrow is go day. Set aside some time today to get your affairs in order.     


  1.     Have a plan.     Seriously.  Plan your dinners.    Have social obligations this week?    Check out the restaurant menu in advance.  What is cleanse friendly?    I know I've said it 5 zillion times but... FAILING TO PLAN is PLANNING TO FAIL.

2.   Cut veggies, measure out your snacks (especially almonds if you're a nut lunatic like me), prep those snacks.    

3.  Bake/ grill a decent amount of chicken.     So easy and convenient to pull out for salads and emergency meals when you're starving and have zero time.    

4.   Get a My Fitness Pal account.   Not on MFP?  It's easy.    And free.   You can check out what other cleansers are eating.    Plus it's a great way to hold yourself accountable.  I'm Advorunner.  Find me and friend me.   If I'm coaching you, definitely friend me so I can spy on you and make sure you're compliant.    You're welcome.  

5.   If you are questioning if something is legal during the cleanse phase... it's probably not.    Stay as close to food the way  it was intended.    Lean meats, things that grow from the earth, very minimally processed, real food.    You'll feel better eating this way in no time.   Promise. 

6.  Remember-  No booze, no dairy, no coffee.    #pleasedonthatemeiloveyou.   It's just the way it is.    You can do anything for 10 days.

7.   Eye on the prize.    You made the financial investment for a reason.  You need energy, need to drop a few el bees, feel sluggish, or just want to take control of your health in general.    Don't waste the investment.   Think of how you want to feel when you're done.         The taste of cheating will last for a blissful minute or two.  The guilt and set back will last a whole lot longer.  You'll beating yourself up and wondering why you didn't lose 10 lbs like everyone else.    Promise.  Don't do it.   Eye on the prize.   It won't taste nearly as good as you think.   

8.  When you're on the verge of going off track, post on my FB board!    There are almost 900 of us.   Someone can talk you off the ledge.  That's why we're there.    Strength in numbers.

9.    Weigh yourself on day one, take measurements, take a picture if you can.       Important...... do not weigh again until day 11.   Your weight will likely fluctuate a lot during the first 10 days as your body adapts to the fiber drink, probiotic, and increased water.     Seriously... do not weigh.     Resist the scale.  

10.   Enjoy the process!    The fact that you're taking control and "In charge" is gratifying and confidence- boosting.   So enjoy.    Take the bull by the horns.  Own  your cleanse/ challenge like a boss!   

  Haven't ordered your loot yet but feel like crap from the weekend?   Order today and start with us on Wed or Thursday.  We'll have people rolling in all week.      

Not on my team but also cleansing/ challenging and have questions??   Get with your coach.    That is why they are there.   Your coach wants success for you.    You are not bothering them.   Promise.  Do not hesitate to reach out to the person that got you on product.        

Good luck, friends!  I have a feeling this is gonna be a good one!

See you guys this week!


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  1. Finished my first 24 day challenge (5 inches lost and 3 lbs). Going on vacation Friday so plan to do the cleanse when I come back! Thanks!!