Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's practically Wednesday so that counts for something, yes?

What' I'm loving???     Here it is.

This sweet pic of my big girl

 Suddenly she's at that random, adorable, awkward, "I'm growing into my body but still a kid" phase.     I knew this but this picture somehow caught me off guard.   And then.... the panic sets in.    Am I soaking it all in enough?  Am I enjoying the little things?   Am I enjoying them enough while they're kids???    

 And then.... the people post those sad poems and articles on the Facebook about how their childhood is gonna be gone in the blink of an eye so quit your job, neglect the dishes till they go to college,  put down the phone forever,  cookies on the table after school, and read them 12 books at bedtime and yes, "lay with me" till I'm asleep.     And then... the panic sets in again. 
 They're gonna be gone and not want to hang out with me at all in the blink of an eye.  Yes, the panic.  

Anyone else?  

Please say yes.  

Not sure how or why I'm doing this but I am.      Basically a lesser caliber of the Crossfit Open.   But still... enter 5 weeks of crazy town.    In my defense, I think it was actually peer pressure that made me do it.   Kids, there's nothing to see here.    We just finished week two and I had a pretty decent workout and guess what?? I didn't even get my score submitted on time.     My own fault.   Truly.   For packing too much crap into one day.  I simply forgot to submit my score.   I know.  

Beg, borrowed, and stole  innocent small children to get that score submitted and still got the smack  down.    But ya know what??? Even though I can't technically compete now, I'm still doing the workouts.     So... #dontcryforme,argentina.    

And yes, I'm still gonna love this.   

Tonight's dinner... 

Yes, take another moment to admire my exquisite photog skillz, then we'll get down to biz....

This was kinda majorly bootleg.   But you guys... it may be better than the previous best recipe ever.    ps- Remember that?  The thai peanut chicken dish?  Oh em gee.    It's making a comeback, friends.  Mark my words.  


Recipe screen shotted straight from my Insta account.

I realize this makes me super lazy but you guys know I would rather spend my time running, trying to find new lipgloss for all of us, talking about Crossfit to people that will listen, and basically shooting the shiznit with you guys versus re-typing recipes.   Right?

Our next team wide 24 Day Challenge/ 10 Day Cleanse!

Check out our girl Danielle and her sweet hubby.   

It all started with a 24 Day Challenge.   2 years on product.    As a result, they've built an amazing business and ummm... look better than ever.   Plus, I'm pretty sure their hearts are made of pure gold which basically makes it impossible to hate them based on that fact that they look like supermodels.    However, that's a different story.    Seriously.   They're amazing.   And again, it all started with a challenge.  

Super pumped for our next group.  July 6th.   Get there.   Want in?  Still time.

Spending a million dollars on iTunes

OMG, clearly I'm gonna need to cash out the retirement here in a hot second in order to continue to fund this obsession.

Yes, I know we've talked about Spotify and several other various options to make me not poor.  However, there's something about iTunes I love.   Don't be mad.

Within the last few days....  As usual... no consistency to the playlist..  None.

 Cut the Cord- Shinedown
Buy Me a Boat-   Chris Janson
Can't Feel My Face-  The Weekend
Nothin' Like You- Dan + Shay
Get Low-  Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

If there is anything I need to download asap that is questionable to my current playlist, please message me yesterday.

Again, it's basically Wednesday!   Let's give it hell.  

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