Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Good Stuff

Let's talk about the GOOD stuff.

Speaking of the good stuff,  who else is going to see Kenny Chesney here in the 614 this weekend right in our beautiful horseshoe?    Speaking of the good stuff...who else loves that song???

Right???    This whole line up makes me super duper happy.   

More good stuff....

How about my mom being on day 14 of the 24 Day Challenge  and already being down TEN El-bee's???    

More importantly, she's feeling more energetic, which is the best part if ya ask me.   The energy pours into better choices and it becomes a vicious, positive cycle.     She kinda broke the rules and weighed herself early but I aintmadatcha.   Ten pounds is legit.   

More good stuff....

StitchFix #12 just arrived and I can't wait to tear into that baby. 

    Stay tuned for a post with what's in that box on the Insta soon.       Every time I rip that beautiful box open, it's basically Christmas morning... AND... I'm 7 years old.    It really doesn't get any better.    It also pretty much never gets old.   Still haven't created your free style profile?   Ummm... do you that now.  

More good stuff....

Speaking of the Insta, did y'all  know that I'm giving away a free canister of the brand new formula of our delicious Spark on the Insta???     Don't know about the new Spark?  Less calories, less carbs, same energy boost with a side of mental focus.   We're all winning here.  

Easiest contest ever.    Tag 3 friends who do or would love the delicious goodness.  That's it.  You're entered.    Random drawing goes down on Wednesday so you've got two more days.      If you don't already follow me on the Insta,  find me at Advorunner.   

More good stuff....

LOVE that the big monkey is running her next 5k with me.  

  Yes, this will be more of a walk/ run but guess what..?    I'm breeding happy runners and a run/ walk together is awesome in my book.   

More good stuff.....

Speaking of quality family time...   Is anyone else straight up addicted to American Ninja Warriors?

We pretty much can't get enough.   Plus, I secretly wanna be Kacy Catanzaro.    Is she off the hook amazing or what?    Seriously.   I could watch her dominate all day.  

More good stuff....

Remember how I told you guys a mere two weeks ago that you need a discount on your products?  

The most amazing deal went live on our Advo sites today and I had no idea it was coming until a couple days ago.  It was meant to be.  

Brand new distributor/ wholesale customer kits.   

What's in it?  THREE boxes of Spark. 

Here's the deal.

$69 worth of Spark
20% off anything you order from here on out

All for $79.  

Pretend you never, ever order a product in your life... (we all know this is impossible... but let's pretend...)

IF that happens, you're out $10.  
  IF you order more Spark, a 10 day cleanse, Catalyst, running products, Crossfit products...the options are endless.... I mean?   20% off anything forevs.  

It requires zero thought.

Do it today before the Advo boss people change their minds.   Just kidding....kinda.  

But seriously... hit up www.advocarerunnerjen.com and my site will walk you right on through.  

More good stuff....

I've been sleeping like a somewhat normal person and getting approximately 6-7 hours of sleep.   You guys, it's kinda been amazing.  

I'm trying real hard not to get too excited about this newfound lifestyle.  Don't pay attention to the fact that it's currently 1 a.m.   Still....   I'll take it.

More good stuff where that came from.    Hope your week is starting off with a bang.    
  Got some good stuff too?   Hit me on the Columbus Advocare Runner wall.    The good stuff is contagious and we all want a piece of that pie.   

Let's get to sleep, fellow night owls!

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