Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Housekeeping and WHY You Need a Discount


You're kinda awesome.   

   It's been a long, hard winter in the midwest tundra, per usual.     June = happy kids, happy mamas, running in the sun, pool days, popsicles, breaking the rules, making irrational decisions to load up and go get the kiddos ice cream at 9 p.m.  Ya know...the good stuff.

Who else love June?    

I love July too, even though it's hotter than a whore in church, but right now we're giving June the moment it deserves.

June also means that fall marathon training officially begins for a lot of us.    Am I really doing this again???   Apparently, yes.

This one and I are coming for ya...

Didn't we just do this, M???

Speaking of running,  as requested, a new post coming on my Advo running products.   I've changed things up a little up in here.    

A new Advo running regime, if you will....

If you're an Advo running product junkie like many of us, and you're not getting a discount on products,  do not pass go and take care of this stat.  
  Even if you're a regular Kool Aid drinker, (yes, I call Spark, the kool aid..) and not getting your discount.  You're wasting $$ friends.

Allow me to explain.

****  With your $79, you're getting a big ole box of Spark and my other favorite energy inducing product called Slam.     

***From there, 20% off anything you order forever, the end.  Including your running products.

You guys, you're basically getting over $50 in FREE product, plus your discount.  

It's truly a no brainer if you use these products at all.

And a little tidbit...
If you're a wholesale customer/ distributor on my team, you're getting some personalized help.   From yours truly.   Oh and access to my private FB board, amongst other things.    

So yes.  Do this.

Go here...

Click on "become a distributor" and you're done.  The End.

FYI-  You don't have to sell a thing.  Unless you want to of course.   There are no minimum purchases, auto ships, etc.    

Seriously....it's easy peasy, there's no monkey business,  and it's a MONEY saver.   We all know that the money saving allows us to buy the "things we need" like lipgloss...  ps-  Stay tuned for another one of those posts too.

I love you guys but I will never understand why some of y'all continue to order product after product at full price/ retail, when you could be saving the moolah from the get go.    

Moral of the story is, you're gonna want new running products after my post goes up.   So do yourself a large and get 'em at a discount.  Mmmkay, bye.

Weekend WrapUp


Friday-  4 mile run and a crazy Crossfit sesh
Saturday-  Rest day.   Not exactly rest as we had all kinds of birthday shenans but no working out, nonetheless.
Sunday-  Family still in town so I got up at the crack of dawn and busted out 8 glorious miles with some seriously fabulous music.  Don't ya love that???  When your music perfectly coordinates with your mood and run?   

What Else?  

Celebrating a super fun birthday for this sweet little monkey of mine...

Columbus peeps... Lattes and Lollipops put together the most adorable canvas painting party for us.   Looking for a fun, entertaining birthday party?   These are your girls.  They rocked.  

This was definitely one of our very favorite parties to date.

Of course, a weekend isn't complete without Mexican with the crazy fam.

Oh and a super fun night of dinner and drinks with some of my favorite ladies.

Lots of family time, the normal weekend catch up and the next thing ya know...

The Monday memes are in full force.

One more thing!

Lots of you are participating in our June Ab Challenge!  This makes me happy as a clam!  It's June.  We all need banging abs.  Print this out, hang it on your fridge, and join us!!!  Quick, easy, and effective!  We start small but we end big!

Hope your week is off to a great start.

It's Tuesday.  Give em hell!!

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