Friday, June 26, 2015

10 Days? We Can't Be Having That.

I swear this summer is progressing at Mach speed.    Even more so than normal.     What are we gonna do?       Summer makes me so legit happy. And so dang legit sad at the same time.  Mainly because it FLIES by before we even have  a chance to fully appreciate it's fabulousness.  Know what I mean, jelly beans?       Yes. You do.

Where've we been?

Oh ya know....

Just Summering...

So my kiddos have each spent some time with the grandparents this summer.   This has allowed us time to spend with each kiddo alone.   Meaning one kid goes to the grandparents, the other stays with a parent.  Rinse, reverse, repeat.    
 OMG.    People with one kid... this is pretty fabulous.  And easy.    Don't be mad.      But seriously.   It's like having a little friend with you versus two fighting kids.   Is this how it always is or are we just in the honeymoon stage???    I'm serious.   It's amazing.  


We've been Mexican dining...


And splash padding....

And selfy-ing in cars.

As always.. please feel free to stand by and admire our exquisite photography skillzzz.

What else?

Obsessing about Mean Moms...

Reportedly the below poster was a fabrication.  I can't live like this. 

 I still can't get a concrete answer.   I need to know.... WHEN is this dumb, fabulous, most ridiculous, amazing movie ever coming out??? There are rumors that it's not happening at all.  Ever.  Then there are rumors that it's just gonna bounce up in the theater when we least expect it.  We need answers, Mean Moms people. And we need em now.

Celebrating Father's Day with some pretty cool padre's....

You guys, my dad is a straight up giant goofball.  He has no qualms about his theories, what he's pretty sure everyone is thinking or doing...   just his observations in general. High-Lair.  
    He may crack me up because they are just as ridiculous as mine.   Only,  more quirky and ridiculous.  Or maybe it's the other way around....
 Aww snaps.  So yes, FD was fun.

A big shout out to the girls papa too who also joined us for some fun and games.

Ohio people, if you've never been to Mon Ami Winery, you need to get there asap.  The cutest winery with live music, seriously delicious food, and awesome wine.    Go there on a sunny day, sit your bad self in the garden and soak it all in.     Oh and don't forget to eat your weight in peel and eat shrimp like I did.  Legit. Pretty sure I ate at least 17 lbs.   I'm pretty sure  "the people" were even talking about me as I went back for more.   No shame, I tell ya.

What else?

OMG, the Buckeye Country Music SuperFest!?

Two nights of amazing performances in the horseshoe.   Ridic.  

And now an annual tradition.   Apparently next year's line up is gonna be announced in a  hot second and I kinda can't wait.   

So this year....

Have y'all seen my BF, Keith Urban?  Pretty sure he keeps getting better with time.   His performance may have been my fave of the weekend.  

So much fun.     And a zillion and one laughs.    It ended up being perfect weather with some of my favorite people. 

What else?

You guys this KEEP thing is kinda fun.  

In retrospect, no idea how I even got involved in this but all I know is that I'm making money and getting free loot for doing something involving zero stress and on my own time.   California friends, this is clearly all your fault.   I seem to follow your lead.  Because you know things and stuff before us midwest common folk.  
  KEEP is the baby sister of Stella and Dot and just launched a hot second ago.   
  Want to know more about KEEP or earn your own free goods?   Shoot me a message and we'll get you the hook up.        There are basically NO designers in the midwest.  I had zero choice.  Plus, I pretty much love this loot.

What else???

Our next group 24 Day Challenge/ 10 Day Cleanse starts on July 6th. 

 Me personally?  Put me down for a 10 day cleanse.    I haven't been horrible lately but I also haven't been up to snuff.  Tis the season.   
   If you've never done a challenge or cleanse, join us.   Best decision ever.
  My Advo FB board will be hopping with questions, weight loss, bitching/ bargaining,  and happiness.   That's the thing.  It's a safe place.   Come in.

What else???

I don't know but I do know that I miss you guys and I've got a couple posts already typed up so that we don't have to be away from each other for this long again.   Right?  I'm kinda attached.

Here's the thing.   Instagram is kinda the new blog.  I know.    It's just so easy and errrbody doing it.   If you're not on Instagram, get there.  I'm serious.   It's on your phone.  It's right there.   Right. There. You have no excuses.  I'm Advorunner.  Find me.

Love you, miss you, mean it.



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