Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's practically Wednesday so that counts for something, yes?

What' I'm loving???     Here it is.

This sweet pic of my big girl

 Suddenly she's at that random, adorable, awkward, "I'm growing into my body but still a kid" phase.     I knew this but this picture somehow caught me off guard.   And then.... the panic sets in.    Am I soaking it all in enough?  Am I enjoying the little things?   Am I enjoying them enough while they're kids???    

 And then.... the people post those sad poems and articles on the Facebook about how their childhood is gonna be gone in the blink of an eye so quit your job, neglect the dishes till they go to college,  put down the phone forever,  cookies on the table after school, and read them 12 books at bedtime and yes, "lay with me" till I'm asleep.     And then... the panic sets in again. 
 They're gonna be gone and not want to hang out with me at all in the blink of an eye.  Yes, the panic.  

Anyone else?  

Please say yes.  

Not sure how or why I'm doing this but I am.      Basically a lesser caliber of the Crossfit Open.   But still... enter 5 weeks of crazy town.    In my defense, I think it was actually peer pressure that made me do it.   Kids, there's nothing to see here.    We just finished week two and I had a pretty decent workout and guess what?? I didn't even get my score submitted on time.     My own fault.   Truly.   For packing too much crap into one day.  I simply forgot to submit my score.   I know.  

Beg, borrowed, and stole  innocent small children to get that score submitted and still got the smack  down.    But ya know what??? Even though I can't technically compete now, I'm still doing the workouts.     So... #dontcryforme,argentina.    

And yes, I'm still gonna love this.   

Tonight's dinner... 

Yes, take another moment to admire my exquisite photog skillz, then we'll get down to biz....

This was kinda majorly bootleg.   But you guys... it may be better than the previous best recipe ever.    ps- Remember that?  The thai peanut chicken dish?  Oh em gee.    It's making a comeback, friends.  Mark my words.  


Recipe screen shotted straight from my Insta account.

I realize this makes me super lazy but you guys know I would rather spend my time running, trying to find new lipgloss for all of us, talking about Crossfit to people that will listen, and basically shooting the shiznit with you guys versus re-typing recipes.   Right?

Our next team wide 24 Day Challenge/ 10 Day Cleanse!

Check out our girl Danielle and her sweet hubby.   

It all started with a 24 Day Challenge.   2 years on product.    As a result, they've built an amazing business and ummm... look better than ever.   Plus, I'm pretty sure their hearts are made of pure gold which basically makes it impossible to hate them based on that fact that they look like supermodels.    However, that's a different story.    Seriously.   They're amazing.   And again, it all started with a challenge.  

Super pumped for our next group.  July 6th.   Get there.   Want in?  Still time.

Spending a million dollars on iTunes

OMG, clearly I'm gonna need to cash out the retirement here in a hot second in order to continue to fund this obsession.

Yes, I know we've talked about Spotify and several other various options to make me not poor.  However, there's something about iTunes I love.   Don't be mad.

Within the last few days....  As usual... no consistency to the playlist..  None.

 Cut the Cord- Shinedown
Buy Me a Boat-   Chris Janson
Can't Feel My Face-  The Weekend
Nothin' Like You- Dan + Shay
Get Low-  Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

If there is anything I need to download asap that is questionable to my current playlist, please message me yesterday.

Again, it's basically Wednesday!   Let's give it hell.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

10 Days? We Can't Be Having That.

I swear this summer is progressing at Mach speed.    Even more so than normal.     What are we gonna do?       Summer makes me so legit happy. And so dang legit sad at the same time.  Mainly because it FLIES by before we even have  a chance to fully appreciate it's fabulousness.  Know what I mean, jelly beans?       Yes. You do.

Where've we been?

Oh ya know....

Just Summering...

So my kiddos have each spent some time with the grandparents this summer.   This has allowed us time to spend with each kiddo alone.   Meaning one kid goes to the grandparents, the other stays with a parent.  Rinse, reverse, repeat.    
 OMG.    People with one kid... this is pretty fabulous.  And easy.    Don't be mad.      But seriously.   It's like having a little friend with you versus two fighting kids.   Is this how it always is or are we just in the honeymoon stage???    I'm serious.   It's amazing.  


We've been Mexican dining...


And splash padding....

And selfy-ing in cars.

As always.. please feel free to stand by and admire our exquisite photography skillzzz.

What else?

Obsessing about Mean Moms...

Reportedly the below poster was a fabrication.  I can't live like this. 

 I still can't get a concrete answer.   I need to know.... WHEN is this dumb, fabulous, most ridiculous, amazing movie ever coming out??? There are rumors that it's not happening at all.  Ever.  Then there are rumors that it's just gonna bounce up in the theater when we least expect it.  We need answers, Mean Moms people. And we need em now.

Celebrating Father's Day with some pretty cool padre's....

You guys, my dad is a straight up giant goofball.  He has no qualms about his theories, what he's pretty sure everyone is thinking or doing...   just his observations in general. High-Lair.  
    He may crack me up because they are just as ridiculous as mine.   Only,  more quirky and ridiculous.  Or maybe it's the other way around....
 Aww snaps.  So yes, FD was fun.

A big shout out to the girls papa too who also joined us for some fun and games.

Ohio people, if you've never been to Mon Ami Winery, you need to get there asap.  The cutest winery with live music, seriously delicious food, and awesome wine.    Go there on a sunny day, sit your bad self in the garden and soak it all in.     Oh and don't forget to eat your weight in peel and eat shrimp like I did.  Legit. Pretty sure I ate at least 17 lbs.   I'm pretty sure  "the people" were even talking about me as I went back for more.   No shame, I tell ya.

What else?

OMG, the Buckeye Country Music SuperFest!?

Two nights of amazing performances in the horseshoe.   Ridic.  

And now an annual tradition.   Apparently next year's line up is gonna be announced in a  hot second and I kinda can't wait.   

So this year....

Have y'all seen my BF, Keith Urban?  Pretty sure he keeps getting better with time.   His performance may have been my fave of the weekend.  

So much fun.     And a zillion and one laughs.    It ended up being perfect weather with some of my favorite people. 

What else?

You guys this KEEP thing is kinda fun.  

In retrospect, no idea how I even got involved in this but all I know is that I'm making money and getting free loot for doing something involving zero stress and on my own time.   California friends, this is clearly all your fault.   I seem to follow your lead.  Because you know things and stuff before us midwest common folk.  
  KEEP is the baby sister of Stella and Dot and just launched a hot second ago.   
  Want to know more about KEEP or earn your own free goods?   Shoot me a message and we'll get you the hook up.        There are basically NO designers in the midwest.  I had zero choice.  Plus, I pretty much love this loot.

What else???

Our next group 24 Day Challenge/ 10 Day Cleanse starts on July 6th. 

 Me personally?  Put me down for a 10 day cleanse.    I haven't been horrible lately but I also haven't been up to snuff.  Tis the season.   
   If you've never done a challenge or cleanse, join us.   Best decision ever.
  My Advo FB board will be hopping with questions, weight loss, bitching/ bargaining,  and happiness.   That's the thing.  It's a safe place.   Come in.

What else???

I don't know but I do know that I miss you guys and I've got a couple posts already typed up so that we don't have to be away from each other for this long again.   Right?  I'm kinda attached.

Here's the thing.   Instagram is kinda the new blog.  I know.    It's just so easy and errrbody doing it.   If you're not on Instagram, get there.  I'm serious.   It's on your phone.  It's right there.   Right. There. You have no excuses.  I'm Advorunner.  Find me.

Love you, miss you, mean it.



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Good Stuff

Let's talk about the GOOD stuff.

Speaking of the good stuff,  who else is going to see Kenny Chesney here in the 614 this weekend right in our beautiful horseshoe?    Speaking of the good stuff...who else loves that song???

Right???    This whole line up makes me super duper happy.   

More good stuff....

How about my mom being on day 14 of the 24 Day Challenge  and already being down TEN El-bee's???    

More importantly, she's feeling more energetic, which is the best part if ya ask me.   The energy pours into better choices and it becomes a vicious, positive cycle.     She kinda broke the rules and weighed herself early but I aintmadatcha.   Ten pounds is legit.   

More good stuff....

StitchFix #12 just arrived and I can't wait to tear into that baby. 

    Stay tuned for a post with what's in that box on the Insta soon.       Every time I rip that beautiful box open, it's basically Christmas morning... AND... I'm 7 years old.    It really doesn't get any better.    It also pretty much never gets old.   Still haven't created your free style profile?   Ummm... do you that now.  

More good stuff....

Speaking of the Insta, did y'all  know that I'm giving away a free canister of the brand new formula of our delicious Spark on the Insta???     Don't know about the new Spark?  Less calories, less carbs, same energy boost with a side of mental focus.   We're all winning here.  

Easiest contest ever.    Tag 3 friends who do or would love the delicious goodness.  That's it.  You're entered.    Random drawing goes down on Wednesday so you've got two more days.      If you don't already follow me on the Insta,  find me at Advorunner.   

More good stuff....

LOVE that the big monkey is running her next 5k with me.  

  Yes, this will be more of a walk/ run but guess what..?    I'm breeding happy runners and a run/ walk together is awesome in my book.   

More good stuff.....

Speaking of quality family time...   Is anyone else straight up addicted to American Ninja Warriors?

We pretty much can't get enough.   Plus, I secretly wanna be Kacy Catanzaro.    Is she off the hook amazing or what?    Seriously.   I could watch her dominate all day.  

More good stuff....

Remember how I told you guys a mere two weeks ago that you need a discount on your products?  

The most amazing deal went live on our Advo sites today and I had no idea it was coming until a couple days ago.  It was meant to be.  

Brand new distributor/ wholesale customer kits.   

What's in it?  THREE boxes of Spark. 

Here's the deal.

$69 worth of Spark
20% off anything you order from here on out

All for $79.  

Pretend you never, ever order a product in your life... (we all know this is impossible... but let's pretend...)

IF that happens, you're out $10.  
  IF you order more Spark, a 10 day cleanse, Catalyst, running products, Crossfit products...the options are endless.... I mean?   20% off anything forevs.  

It requires zero thought.

Do it today before the Advo boss people change their minds.   Just kidding....kinda.  

But seriously... hit up www.advocarerunnerjen.com and my site will walk you right on through.  

More good stuff....

I've been sleeping like a somewhat normal person and getting approximately 6-7 hours of sleep.   You guys, it's kinda been amazing.  

I'm trying real hard not to get too excited about this newfound lifestyle.  Don't pay attention to the fact that it's currently 1 a.m.   Still....   I'll take it.

More good stuff where that came from.    Hope your week is starting off with a bang.    
  Got some good stuff too?   Hit me on the Columbus Advocare Runner wall.    The good stuff is contagious and we all want a piece of that pie.   

Let's get to sleep, fellow night owls!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Latest AdvoCare Running Regime

I've missed you kitty cats!

After I posted my last Crossfit product post, I got a slew of requests for the latest running lineup.  I've been meaning to post this for 40 days and nights.   But lo and behold..... Finally....
It's Going Down For Real....
  #FloRida #MyHouse 
Anyone else?  
Me-   Obsessed with that song.  

Here's the deal.   I play around with products like it's my jizzzob.   Well, it kinda is.  But I LOVE this game of product tweaking based on goals and the overall situation at hand.    

My life basically consists of 3 different types of runs.

1.   The casual, no big deal, don't care about pace, short run.

2.   The long run.

3. The balls to the wall/ I'm in a race / doing speed work / planning to break my legs / run.

Let's elaborate.

1.  The Casual Run

This would likely be less than 5 miles, I just want to zone out, chill out, run alone, and play the tunes.   

Groundhog day.   Yes.   However, my go to products are  always Spark and Catalyst.    These two products are the bread and butter of everything that I do.   Whether it's Crossfit, boxing, running.... it doesn't matter.  Spark and Catalyst are always involved.      Wanna know why I love Spark?   Read all about it here.

And Catalyst.....  Here is a post from what feels like 29 years ago.  And guess what?  I'm still obsessed with Catalyst.     Catalyst rocks.  And with regular workouts, it  makes you look lean.    And mean.   Beautiful, glorious branched chained amino acids.  
   Catalyst protects and fuels our muscle mass during weight loss and physical activity.  Honestly, if someone made me choose between Spark and Catalyst or I would die.... 
I would choose Catalyst.    Gasp. 
 I know. 
That's how much I love it.   

2.  The Long Run

It probably goes without saying that the morning of every long run starts with the above combo.  Spark and Catalyst.   This is also how I start every single day, so no bigs.   I can't even tell you the last time I didn't start a day with these two products.   Seriously.  

What constitutes a long run?   For me, I'm gearing back up for Chicago Marathon training so a long run  at this point is 10 miles or so.

As the training season progresses and our mileage increases, things will change slightly in terms of products.

So, yes.  Back to my original story.

Spark/ Catalyst for starters.  

About 30 minutes before I head out, I have 

This picture is from the Cap City Half Marathon last month.  

The 02 Gold, I've talked about 14 million times and I'm sure you're all sick of me.    But... I can't help myself....

This product is designed to enhance the bodies ability to utilize oxygen and and enhance physical activity.   It contains adaptogens,  which are designed to assist your body in resisting physical stress (aka...exercise!)   These adaptogens have been shown to help facilitate oxygen transport, which in turn increases your  physical ability and more importantly, your tolerance for physical exertion.   For me, this means I can run farther and for a greater amount of time without feeling a whole lot of cardiovascular stress.   My breathing is less labored and I just feel more comfortable in general.

Skeptical?   I was too.   However, for me, the products that I love, specifically 02 Gold,  speak for themselves.     I have been using this product for four years now and can truly say, aside from Spark and Catalyst, this is the one product that I'm calling every person in a 90 mile radius who I suspect may have a stash, if/when I run out.    And if I can't locate it that way...I basically call 911.

  The V02 Prime bar was just released a couple years ago and I recently rediscovered it about 6 months ago.  For me, it's THE PERFECT pre long run bar.     

140 calories, a great ratio of carbs/protein/fat, and it tastes amazing.     BUT, more importantly, it contains beetroot juice, which has been shown to contribute to the body's nitric oxide production.  What does this mean?     Exercise and physical beatings in general are going to feel slightly less painful and slightly easier.       

So yes, these two together are my jams.

The other thing I LOVE for longer runs is Arginine Extreme.  

I feel like I've talked about this one a zillion times too but I swear by it for extra cardio support.    This is another product that I use for Crossfit as well.  

And lastly...

If I'm running longer than 8 or 9 miles, this is a given.  

First off, this is cheaper than any other type of gel you would find at a running store, Dicks, etc.    But  that's not why I love it.....

This is not your typical gel.  The majority of the other gels are THICK and 100-120  calories.   This is a very thin, watery consistency and only 80 calories.   May not seem like a huge deal but if I'm busting my hump running, I don't want to waste 120 calories on gel.     I just don't.   But that's really not my favorite part.   This gel contains sequential carbs,  which means your body is going to utilize them in 3 different ways, at 3 different times.  You are going to get an immediate boost,  you are also going to get your typical hydration via electrolytes and carbs,  but you are going to get a recovery component as well.     This will carry you.   I took one of these at mile 9 of my 14 miler on Saturday and when I look at my splits, it's obvious when I took Rehydrate.    I've tried every gel on the planet and this is hands down my favorite. 

3.   The Balls to the Wall Training Run/ Race/ Speed Work

Obviously we've got Spark/ 02 Gold, per usual.

Aside from the other products above, depending on the running sitch at hand, I have somehow gotten roped  into Muscle Fuel.  

You guys.   This stuff is the real deal.   However....   I can't even begin to tell you how terrible this tastes.  

You guys know I'm real.     And I'm probably not supposed to complain about the taste.  But seriously.  

However, the punch this packs is off the chain.   The taste is off the chain too.     Basically rocket fuel.     But you want running wings?     Here you go, yo.  

   It contains everything crazy town from creatine, to caffeine, to bcaa's, to green tea extract.       I reserve it for serious situations for two reasons.  
A) I can't handle the taste, as discussed above.  
B)   It's so potent for me that I would hate for my body to even remotely get used to it.   

Clearly, that's not gonna happen but the mind is a powerful thing so I reserve it for serious running.    

So yes.   

That's a ton of info. but that's my current/  getting ready to start training for Chicago line up.

This will change over the next couple of months and I'll update accordingly.     But for now, these are the goodies.

Night Night, friends.

Tomorrow is Wednesday.   Let's do it up.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Housekeeping and WHY You Need a Discount


You're kinda awesome.   

   It's been a long, hard winter in the midwest tundra, per usual.     June = happy kids, happy mamas, running in the sun, pool days, popsicles, breaking the rules, making irrational decisions to load up and go get the kiddos ice cream at 9 p.m.  Ya know...the good stuff.

Who else love June?    

I love July too, even though it's hotter than a whore in church, but right now we're giving June the moment it deserves.

June also means that fall marathon training officially begins for a lot of us.    Am I really doing this again???   Apparently, yes.

This one and I are coming for ya...

Didn't we just do this, M???

Speaking of running,  as requested, a new post coming on my Advo running products.   I've changed things up a little up in here.    

A new Advo running regime, if you will....

If you're an Advo running product junkie like many of us, and you're not getting a discount on products,  do not pass go and take care of this stat.  
  Even if you're a regular Kool Aid drinker, (yes, I call Spark, the kool aid..) and not getting your discount.  You're wasting $$ friends.

Allow me to explain.

****  With your $79, you're getting a big ole box of Spark and my other favorite energy inducing product called Slam.     

***From there, 20% off anything you order forever, the end.  Including your running products.

You guys, you're basically getting over $50 in FREE product, plus your discount.  

It's truly a no brainer if you use these products at all.

And a little tidbit...
If you're a wholesale customer/ distributor on my team, you're getting some personalized help.   From yours truly.   Oh and access to my private FB board, amongst other things.    

So yes.  Do this.

Go here...

Click on "become a distributor" and you're done.  The End.

FYI-  You don't have to sell a thing.  Unless you want to of course.   There are no minimum purchases, auto ships, etc.    

Seriously....it's easy peasy, there's no monkey business,  and it's a MONEY saver.   We all know that the money saving allows us to buy the "things we need" like lipgloss...  ps-  Stay tuned for another one of those posts too.

I love you guys but I will never understand why some of y'all continue to order product after product at full price/ retail, when you could be saving the moolah from the get go.    

Moral of the story is, you're gonna want new running products after my post goes up.   So do yourself a large and get 'em at a discount.  Mmmkay, bye.

Weekend WrapUp


Friday-  4 mile run and a crazy Crossfit sesh
Saturday-  Rest day.   Not exactly rest as we had all kinds of birthday shenans but no working out, nonetheless.
Sunday-  Family still in town so I got up at the crack of dawn and busted out 8 glorious miles with some seriously fabulous music.  Don't ya love that???  When your music perfectly coordinates with your mood and run?   

What Else?  

Celebrating a super fun birthday for this sweet little monkey of mine...

Columbus peeps... Lattes and Lollipops put together the most adorable canvas painting party for us.   Looking for a fun, entertaining birthday party?   These are your girls.  They rocked.  

This was definitely one of our very favorite parties to date.

Of course, a weekend isn't complete without Mexican with the crazy fam.

Oh and a super fun night of dinner and drinks with some of my favorite ladies.

Lots of family time, the normal weekend catch up and the next thing ya know...

The Monday memes are in full force.

One more thing!

Lots of you are participating in our June Ab Challenge!  This makes me happy as a clam!  It's June.  We all need banging abs.  Print this out, hang it on your fridge, and join us!!!  Quick, easy, and effective!  We start small but we end big!

Hope your week is off to a great start.

It's Tuesday.  Give em hell!!