Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What Are You Waiting For?

Happy Wednesday!   A 4 day work week???   Practically on the home stretch, loves!

Let's get right down to biz-nass.

This post has been on my mind for awhile.    

It seems like we wait, and debate, and wait some more, and there's never really a right time?    Is there?

These products, this lifestyle, this's brought me far in so many ways.   
   We really don't know anyone's true story but maybe you're reading this right now thinking you're tired of hiding in your swimsuit.   Tired of being tired.   Tired of not being able to confidently throw on a pair of shorts and enter the world.    Tired of not having something of your own.  Tired of not having the extra money to do the things that you want to do in this life.     Just tired of the way that things are.  

So I ask...

What are you waiting for???

Most of you know my Advocare running loving love story.     

It all started with a 24 Day Challenge.    Just like everyone else that falls in love with this lifestyle.  

Everything in terms of my health improved.   Literally, everything.

I went from an average runner to gunning for a BQ time.    Yes, I work hard, but yes, these products have been a crucial part of my journey and I'll never, ever discount that.   

And how about the energy??      I've got the energy.     That Advo energy is contagious and many of you have it.  I pretty much love that.      I have more energy at 40 than I ever did at 30.      Who knew????    When you feel good physically, the energy is one heck of an amazing side effect.  

I mean???

Oh and did someone say Spark???    Yes, Spark helps with the energy and if you're a Spark kool aid drinker like the rest of my circle, you already know this.    If you're not, message me and I'll hook you up with a sample.    You won't turn back.   Promise.  Next thing you know, you'll be sending out SOS texts to anyone in a 10 mile radius who may have some on hand when you run out.    You know who you are, Sparkheads.

I exercise.   A lot.    Truth of the matter is, I've always been an exerciser.    However, my workouts are  at a different caliber now.    I love my them, and enjoy them,  and I make them a priority.        The Performance Elite  line is straight up my jams in this area.      I use it from everything from marathon training to Crossfit to teaching classes at Title Boxing Club.  Another perk, I love, love, love the fact that my girls are growing up watching mama making exercise and a healthy lifestyle a priority.     That is important to me and the big one is already catching the bug.   Her handstand pushups very well may be better than mine.    Not fair, yet straight up awesome.  

The Performance Elite line is kind of my baby.    I'm serious.    I practically gave birth to it and could talk about it for days.   

The friendships within Advo rock.  

Did I mention that it's pretty amazing doing life with your best friend?   Nothing better than seeing your friends succeed and have similar goals.    Oh and can we talk about how my best friend is 40 too?   A college athlete, has always been active, but I'm pretty sure she looks and feels better now than when I met her nearly 20 years ago.     And her husband?  Same deal.    Advo life does a body good. 

The income.   Yes, we actually get paid real money to do this.  Every two weeks.   Just like a real job "working for the man."        What other job do you get the opportunity to be YOUR OWN BOSS, help others earn income and get healthy, and make serious friendships along the way???     Exactly.    

When I started working this as a business, I extra $1000 a month would be nice....    That goal has been crushed and that in itself, is amazing.   On deck for me... 6 Star Ruby.  Do the work, support your team,  and the rest will come.      This gig is exactly what you put into it.    You spend time doing what you love and the income will come.  

The peace of mind of having a solid Plan B income.   The bottom line is...who knows what can happen in this life.   You can be plugging away at your six figure income, living comfortably, and bam.     Your company gets bought... you get let get injured and can't work.... SO many things can change on a dime in this life.     A solid plan B income will let you sleep at night.  Promise.       If life goes on as planned and you don't ever need that Plan B income??  Well guess what, you can spend it spoiling the people that you love and planning for your future.   Either way, you're winning. 

So I ask... 

I'm not special in this business, I promise.    Work hard, the payoff will come.   Isn't that the way it all works?    It truly is what you put into it.

This can be the year that you feel amazing in a bathing suit, that you have that disposable income to do something fabulous, that you feel fulfilled by what you're doing it.

Group challenges starting on my private Facebook page all the time....

Ready to start one???  June 2nd it is... Done by the 4th... everybody's winning.    

Interested in learning more about the business side of things but have no idea where to start???
I can help with that too...


  1. I love Advocare. I'm struggling with the biz side, but I personally love the products and I love reading about how/when you use them.

    1. If you are already a distirbutor, I would request to sit down with your upline and come up with a plan. That's what they are there for. If you aren't a distributor, I would love to help you if the business is something you would like to learn more about.
      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I could not have said this better myself. My husband and I have been on AdvoCare since Feb. 1. He's lost 30 lbs, I didn't have that much to lose, but my workouts are so much more intense thanks to the Performance Elite products. I LOVE working out now and truly look forward to it. We are advisors, but just getting started with the business side. Your blog is awesome!

  3. You are an inspiration! You go, girl!