Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things We Need to Discuss...

It's been a minute!

Eight topics on the agenda...

1.    I'm straight up addicted to matcha powder lately.      Wanna know why it's amazing???

Okay, here is the one you want.  No sugars, no added crap.  

Get a load of this...  I got wind that Starbucks had matcha powder for use in their matcha lattes.  I got this brilliant idea to beat the system...   I was rolling through there  on the reg getting 2 scoops of matcha, with ice and water in a venti cup.   It's 80 cents!  Nothing at the Bux is 80 cents so needless to say, this was happening daily, if not twice a day.
  One day a couple weeks ago the worker basically said.."you know our matcha has a ton of added sugar, right?   Most people think it's healthy but it's not.   You want the good stuff on Amazon."

This all took place at the drive through window.   I couldn't get outta there fast enough and pretty much burned rubber like a bat outta hell.   
   Upon closer review, I had been slurping down 14 grams  of sugar like it ain't no thang.   Sometimes 28 grams if it was a two-a-day!  
 Still some healthy benny's, yes.  But for that kind of  added sugar..I'd rather have something awesome.

So yes, this has zero sugar.  You may want to mix it with a little stevia to start because if you aren't used to it, it's bitter.

Here's my deal...

2 small scoops of match
1 packet of stevia
10 oz water
A crap load of ice

Shake and #TTTD (take to the hashtag..we're going with it.)

2.      Who else is excited that our Crossfit boy, Rich Froning's new Advo loot is finally available to us common folk???

Right???      The shirt on the left is unisex and you can bet it's all mine.  Plus, I think it's gonna throw me into beast mode the second I take it outta the package.

3.      I hate to beat a dead horse, but who has tried the Womelette?    It's such an easy way to throw together a clean breakfast in two seconds flat.       Check out my Insta (Advorunner) video for the debts.   

Womelette people, please tell me your favorite variation.    Lately I've been going the sweet cinnamon route, topped with some type of nut butter (which basically goes without saying).   If you haven't tried the Wom yet, please do us both a large and get there.    I need more variations and you guys never disappoint.   

4.    Is anyone else getting out of school in what feels like the middle of Spring?   Today is the last day of school for these Advo hoodlums of mine.

Crazy town, huh?       You know your daughter has the most amazing teacher in the history of the world when she sobs herself to sleep the night before the last day of school.  All with thoughts of saying goodbye to her teacher tomorrow.   Heartbreaking but so telling.     Mrs. Budic, you are one of a kind and we love you long time.    If the little one gets you when it's her turn, I'm gonna do 14 back handsprings and possibly land in the russian splits.  You're that amazing.  

5.    Lots of 10 Day Cleansers and 24 Day Challengers starting the week after Memorial Day.    
Get yourself some and join in the fun.      Want a discount on products?  I help with that too.

Still aren't convinced?    I wasn't either.    Read my journey here.   It all started with a challenge.    And thank goodness I said yes.   

6.     Speaking of Memorial Day... Crossfit Kool Aid drinkers, who is doing MURPH???

Murph is a hero WOD that honors a fallen veteran.  Such a cool concept.    

Yes, we're gonna die.  Yes, it's gonna be awesome.    

Come back next week to hear how I fueled and what products I went with for this impending crazy train.
 Local people, if you're in the 614 and want to have an amazingly killer workout to kick off Memorial Day, hit me up.  I love bloggy friends and this workout is open to EVERYONE.   Don't be scared, we modify.  Promise.  There will be all fitness levels.    Come on...come to the dark side...mwhahahahha.

7.   Speaking of a long weekend....tell me your fitness plans.  I know some of you are running 5k's and other fun various shennans.   Gimme the goods. 

I'm still on the fence for this...  Tempting.    And I love a good inaugural race.     We shall see...

8.   Training for Chi Town starts in a hot second.     The thought is exhilarating, yet exhausting.   But #Don'tCryForMeArgentina...I seem to do this to myself.   Chicago people... anyone?   Us Ohio girls are gonna need some crowd support.   Love you, miss you, mean it.

That's all I've got!

I'm sure I'll be posting a ton of shennany's on the Insta over the next few days, which has kinda become my mini blog...   Advorunner.   Come find me.

Laters, babes.

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