Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sunday Sentiments (on Monday), a Fabletics Review, and Other Stuff Too.

A day late as usual.   30 minutes to spare!   It's 11:30 p.m.  here in the C-Bus, Oh-H.   #SleepWhenYou'reDead

First up,   latest goodies from Fabletics.   

We went with simple, hot running weather attire for this month.   It didn't disappoint.

Here we have the Adventura tank and Suva Run Short II.    Lightweight, easy peasy, and did I mention cheap?   Basically this whole outfit, plus a bra, which isn't pictured retails for about $10 less than one single pair of Lulu shorts.   Don't get me wrong, I love my Lulu shorts and am not gonna be a playa hatah and say I don't.   But still.... I love me some Fabletics too.

So review...

Sunday morning, I ran 6 Mother's Day hot, sweaty, humid miles in this outfit... with these fools...

And all good in the hood.  No riding, chaffing, etc.   Love these shorts and already have more prints on the way.

Don't have the Fabletics hook up yet?    It's time to come to the dark side.

What else?   

I ate bad stuff and drank bad stuff and took a lot of Carb Ease this weekend.  

Exhibit A

When it's pretend summer and you're at the best margarita place in town with some of your favorite ladies...

ya gotta drink the sugary #diyabeeetus.

I did run 10 miles on Saturday to reverse the margaritas.  #TrustMeImADoctor

But then I turned around and ate delicious crab cakes, amongst other things... Which were way  more amazing than this picture gives them credit.    I asked for dressing on the side because the innocent lady at the table next to me ordered this exact dish, (which I nearly drooled on and proceeded to stare at innappropriately, lusting after her food until I'm pretty sure we both blushed... ), which was deeeerenched in this delicious goodness.     I needed slightly more control over my dressing sitch.  #typeA    

Oh and on Mother's Day, those monkeys of mine gave me this...

....And I pretty much can't sleep at night.   You guys, this cocoa + coconut flavor is #OTCD.
  ( OCTD= new hashtag for Off The Chizane Doe... yes, it's real now.  #SNS)

3 sugars per serving so it's not as ridiculous as it should be.  But it's still ridiculous.   In summary, if you're a nut butter lunatic like me, and don't want the risk of eating your entire days worth of calories in 3 minutes...yeah, don't buy this.

Then more dining out occurred.  Which involved bites of the little one's fried fish and chips,  amongst other things.     ps- When did battered, fried fish become so delicious?  It's the little one's current obsession and me thinks she's onto something.  

The kiddos daddy, also known as my ex husband,  put together and joined in for a sweet little Mother's Day from these two.  Blessed and grateful for all of it.    Said celebration may or may not have ended in a giant slab of chocolate cake. In which the little one proceeded to attempt to smuggle the leftovers out of the restaurant.      Utensils and all.    Heathens, we are.   No, seriously.   

Did I mention that a  friend also placed this on my front step yesterday?

Again, it was MD....

But seriously.... Ohio people, if you've never experienced a Der Dutchman donut.. Specifically this here white long john breed... I can't even...

Again, #CarbEase

So after a weekend of hausing out, running, tons of water/ all of my normal supplements, and again... Carb Ease Plus...

I didn't wake up feeling like I was ready for a bikini competition by any means...  but I also didn't feel like this....

I started the day today with this Crossfit workout.    And almost died.  Then kinda secretly wanted to do it again. 

Yes, on Monday's my Crossfit box goes two WOD's with strength sandwiched in the middle.  We call it Monster Monday.    Not normal.    But it's amazing.  Pretty sure I could have two broken legs and and I would still finagle a way for Monster Monday.  I can't miss it.

And lastly, come hell or high water, I'm keeping these hanging ferns alive this summer.    Please give me tips.   I swear I water them.   This time they're not going down.  This will be the year.  The year of the hearty fern.  

Fern people, show me thy ways.

See you all in a couple.

Mkkay. Bye.

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