Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Friday! How about some Friday Letters?

Dear Monkeys,  I'm real sorry that I ate that huge bag of watermelon that your grandma brought just for you.  It was all chopped and perfect  and I was hot and thought I would eat just one piece.   It all happened so fast.   In the bank of an eye,  I had watermelon juice all over my bad self and an empty bag in hand.   
 I promise I'll buy each of you one of those cute personal watermelons that you love that cost a zillion dollars each.

Dear Def Leppard,   The fact that you're coming to town is making me off the chain happy.  Yes,  this makes me old.  No, I don't care.  

Dear 8 Year Old,   The fact that you're mowing through books while I lounge beside you,  my book in hand, is kinda making all of my dreams come true.   It's practically like we're on vacation.  Only different.  Now if we could only get the little one to sit down.

Dear Spring,   I love you and everything but why is it suddenly July?  And 88?  I refuse to complain about this.    But where's my perfect spring running weather?     Weather man, I feel like you did this on purpose.   Okay, I'm done.  

Dear Mother's Day,    You snuck up outta nowhere and I like it.  You're one of my favorite's.  And not because it's perfectly appropriate to drink mimosa's at noon.  
     For those of us who are lucky enough to still have our mom's, cherish them.    For those who have unfortunately lost them, my heart always goes out to you on Mother's Day.  Be good to yourself.  Sending good vibes your way.

Dear Nordstrom,   Why are your displays so perfect and beautiful?    I want every item on the second floor.   Especially that $298 dollar maxi dress that is gonna make my summer perfect and complete.  Mama needs a raise, stat, doe.

Dear Weekend,   You're here!  And the weather is looking fab.   Hot, but fab.
 Hollah.  Let's get busy, friends.

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