Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cap City Half Marathon and Weekend Wrap Up

Hi friends!   What a beautiful weekend here in the 614!

The feature event being one of my favorite races...the Cap City Half Marathon.  

Honestly, this may have been my favorite Cap City thus far.

Let's discuss....

1. The weather.  Legit off the chizzaine doe....
2.  I ran with friends and we laughed, solved the worlds problems, high fived kids on the sidelines, and truly enjoyed the process.
3.   I felt zero pressure with time.   
4.  Our goal was to get these guys under 2 hours and that's all she wrote. 

Final chip time-  1:59 and change.  

Pre Race fuel, riding shotgun and at the mercy of my dear friends' crazy husband who had us all laughing hysterically before we even got outta the car.

Two 02 Gold and a V02 Prime bar.  Taken to the dome about 35 minutes before the gun.   Love this combo.   
It probably goes without saying that  I started the morning with a giant Spark and 3 Catalyst, per usual.

A few crazy Crossfitters at the start.     Let's do this, yo's.    

The first 5 miles, we were all on pace for a sub two.    Unfortunately, we lost one due to your normal running struggles.    And despite, my verbal abuse, no bueno.    ps-  Have a running goal?  I'm your girl.   I love pacing and pep talking and the whole kit and caboodle.  

Back to my story....

    And then there were three.  

Around mile 8, another one started having foot issues.    She finished in a great time but we let her go.  

And then there were two.    

So yes, my final victim is 23 and had never done a half.   She is a real deal rowing coach though so she's mentally tough and kinda born #BA.
   I looked at her at mile 8 and said "okay, if you're still in, we gotta pick it up."     

She basically shrugged her shoulders with a nonchalant nod of the head that told me.. "let's do this."

We basically cranked out 8:20's for 5 miles to make up the time.    No big for her.   

And...in under two.

Average pace 8:50-something or other.

The posse at the finish.    Suns out, medals out.  #winning

I literally "ran into" a friend from high school who reads this bloggy as we crossed the finish line. So that was awesome.   Hi Kristi!

Oh and another reader (Hi Lori!) approached me at the after party (hey girl hey!)  and we got a little champagne toast photo opp.
Lori, you rock and your energy is right up my alley.  
 Please move to the 614 and be my running bff.

Ahhh... a great day and I kinda wanna do it again on Saturday.

What's next??

Fallen 15 race in Dublin, which is the suburban bubble next to mine.

What's not to love about this race?   9.3 miles, Memorial Day weekend, honoring local fallen heroes.    I'm in.

Oh and did I tell you guys that I got into Chicago?    #bucketlist

Other weekend highlights....

Lacrosse with a big ole side of goofy Runnerdog. 

Love everything about this.  Including the adorable barn in the back ground. 

Reuniting with my favorite hospital work friends.     A spectacle indeed.    The things we covered at the dinner table.... ummm.....hide your children and your wives.  
   We basically have zero concept that others are around.  It ain't pretty...   However, we know nothing else.    #LongestGroupTextInAmerica

It's Tuesday.  Get after it.

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