Friday, May 1, 2015

AdvoRunner Antics

Just a random post about a whole lotta nothin'....

Anyone ever think it's Saturday but upon closer review, it's really Friday?  Not hating on Friday but Saturday is where it's at.

Speaking of Saturday... Giddy up for Cap City!  

How about a little throw back to last year?  You can read my drill here.

2014-  Official time-  1:45:20

And the year before....

2013-  Chip time-  1:51:07

Since I started this bloggy in 2013, I honestly have no idea what the previous 10 years of running this race looked like.  I've run this race since the beginning of time so guess I could launch an investigation.... if I cared.

Friends that found me on My Fitness Pal...  (Advorunner)

Isn't this fun!?     We get to stalk each other and what we're eating all day.  Plus you guys are giving me some majorly good ideas!   Hollah, whuh whuh.

So my sweet friend sent me this to me yesterday.....with a "this reminded me of you" message.

The whole Crossfit things sparks a lot of questions about women and weights and becoming a gigantic 7 foot male meat head over night.    It doesn't happen ladies, promise.      What does happen is that you feel strong and flexible and empowered and yes, your skinny jeans may fit a little tighter in the thighs because guess what?.. you can squat your ass off.
  But we don't care.  Muscle is fabulous.     So yes, you don't have to Crossfit.. BUT do yourself a large and at least lift weights.   Don't think you have time to strength train?

But you do.  Remember when I posted this easy, peasy full body at home workout????   Still one of my favorites.  Get yourself some dumbells and go to town.

Let's talk about the benny's of strength training....


1.  Instant mental boost
2. Stronger bones
3. WAY more energy
4. Higher metabolism.  That muscle burns calories while we're sitting around watching Real Housewives.   JS...
5.  Better sleep
6. Decreased body fat
7.   Minimal jiggling in that bathing suit

Weight lifting...get yourself some.   

And between you and me.... another thing I love about it... my little girls seeing mama throw around some weights.    Something about that empowers me and I love that they already know that girls can be strong.  And still be feminine at the same time.

Some favorites about the inter webs...

#Guilty.  #backpedal.  Hate when this happens.

Truth.  They always come back. 

And.. this made me belly laugh.

In celebration of tomorrow...
How about some running related goodies?



Pretty sure this is us .... I'm really gonna hate when you turn 40.  And I ain't lyin'

Columbus friends.... Get ready. Our newsfeeds will be blowing up.   Just like I likes...

I'll never get sick of this movie.  #facty

Dude... story of my life.  Especially when it's sunny and I'm working and I see you fools on the Olentangy Trail off of 315 and I wonder why no one has a job around here.     #jelly


Yes.  Yes indeed.

Good luck to all of you running this weekend!  We've got Cap, Indi, and Flying Pig!
 Can't wait wait to  hear your updates!

I'll be back Sunday for some SS/Weekend Wrap-up action.

In the know I love new running songs so send em my way pretty please with melted peanut butter on top.



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  1. Have you heard Fight Song by Rachel Platten yet?! Its PERFECT!