Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

How on earth did a week roll by since I've stopped by the bloggy?   We can't be having this.       

My Wednesday Loves....

Real Housewives of NY

No words.    But we know that's not true.   I'm sucked in.  It's official.   And it's a time suck. That's official too.     Here's the deal... Real Housewives is a gateway drug to all of Bravo TV.   
Looking for  a reality show about the first year of wedded bliss?   No probs.    How about the good times involved in divorce?    #100    How about a show pertaining to how deplorable your patenting skills may or may not be?   Bravo has got us covered, boo's.     Tread lightly.

It's back!

Grape Spark.  Giddy up, yo's!   My fave summertime flavor.    Get it while it's hot.

Somehow I'm loving My Fitness Pal again.    I've gone through phases with this little app but it's kinda fun to log your food, supps, and see your daily macro breakdown.    It's way scary though when you eat two heaping spoonfuls of almond butter and log that in to find that you've made a dent the size of Montana in your daily goal.   
 It's free.   Get yourself some.   Oh and we can be friends...   Advorunner.   We can also be friends on the Insta too but you already knew that.


But you already knew that too.

Want to be humbled?  Think you're in shape?   Come try Crossfit.     It's a cult, yes.   But we can't help it.     I'm humbled every day.   And it's awesome and ridiculous and torturous.   Yet, we come back for more.      A competition on deck for Saturday with some pretty amazing people so stand by for obsessive-type posts on the Insta.   #LoveMeThroughIt

Want to look like Megan Fox in 2012???   

I thought so.

Kinda obsessed with MAC Chili as a result of this whole get up.     What a beautiful, perfect wine,  yes?     Now this is too dark for day for me but at night.... the Chili comes out.   Truly, I think it's a universal color that flatters all skin tones.

Sleep and Water


The water part isn't new.   80 oz. a day bay-bay....
However, I'm putting the smack down on sleep again.   If you "see" me online past 11 p.m., send me a mean message.   I'm serious.      Last night was day one and I have reason to believe I slept for close to 7 hours which is basically the equivalent to 16 to a normal person.  

And all of my friends who are running!   Y'all know I love this race and I kinda can't wait to see some of your sweet mugs.

Countdown is on, runner friends!

S'all for now but I promise I'll be back before the weekend with a little sumpin sumpin.

Laters, Babes.

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