Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

How's about a new Wednesday feature?    Don't worry,  So What Wednesday will be back.      However, I'm kinda loving the What I'm Loving Wednesday concept for a hot second.   

And friends, please don't hate me, I love you.       But you're clearly gonna need some of these goodies.   Mmmkay?


You guys, what's going on at Target?   Yes we've always loved it.    We've loved it for random things from the dollar bin and various last minute purchases on shoes that hurt our feet.    

However, something is definitely going on.  I think they got new people.     People that know what we need.  

Basically, I want everything.     Follow @targetdoesitagain on the Insta?    You need to yesterday.   You'll see all the goodies.

Anyway, I'm finding things like super comfy boyfriend jeans for less than $30.  Not that I need another pair of boyfriend jeans but c'mon.  We can't pass these up.

This pic does them zero justice, ps.   

Oh and I couldn't pass up this little workout tank for twelve dollahhh.   So comfy and love the cute saying. 

Oh and ummm... this adorable little crossbody bag is clearly trying to be Kate Spade but I ain't mad at it.  

Oh and it looks way more expensive than it is.    Around the $20 range, we can't afford NOT to own this.

My Target had this in hot pink too.   Right??  

No idea how this happened but my California girlfriend, that I've known for over 10 years and never actually met in real life (don't ask, but I love her) got involved in Keep and then well, I always feel like anything the cool California girls are doing... I need a piece of that pie.   #runonsentence  #bigtime

What really roped me in...... 
I've been dying for a Tory Burch wrap watch.   For $400.    I know.

  But then... I found out I could have this little ditty for less than $90.   Yes please.    Clearly, I ended up with several different colors of the  double wrap bands, which basically means I have a new watch every day.

So yes, I started dabbling and now I'm kinda addicted.      The other cool thing... KEEP is the baby sister of Stella and Dot and basically a brand new company.  We're talking months.

How does it work??

Basically, you pick your keeper...

The options are endless...

THEN, you get down to biz, picking your keys.   That's the fun part. 

Oh and my Advo #sparkheads love them too.

We're wearing option #1 to Dallas in August and we're all gonna be twinsies.      

But yes,  somehow loving KEEP.  

I'm in love with these.   For everything from work to casual.     Currently $54 and they are seriously a quality pair of draws...  And come in a slew of colors.       Seriously.    I'm not sure if they are new this season or if they've been around forever and I'm just now discovering them.    At any rate,   we need these.

**They do run big so if you're ordering online, you're gonna likely want to size down one size.

Holy cow.

Okay, this makes all of our lives easier.    Especially us Kool Aid drinkers that are constantly coaching people through the 10 day.   

Allow me to tell you why this is fabulous.

1.   It's so reasonable.     What you're getting for $36 is kinda amazing.   An entire kit of cleansing, resetting the metabolism, and likely losing at least 5 pounds if ya follow the rules.    Even less if you're a wholesale customer.

2.  EVERY day is the same.  No more wondering when to take your probiotic restore, your cleanse packs.   It's SO dang easy and seamless now.   

3.  UNFLAVORED Fiber Drink.   The biggest complaint I hear about the Cleanse or Challenge is the Fiber Drink.     This is big.    Mix this baby up with your morning Spark and we're golden.

Newbies, if you end up purchasing your cleanse from me, message me that I can make sure you're added into our group.

Chuck Taylor Converse

I've always been a Chuck's lover.    However, the more colors and style that they drum up.... the more that my love seems to deepen.    

These are so dang comfortable and are easily rockable with everything from shorts to leggings.   If you're not already a Chucks girl, you're gonna need to come to the dark side asap.


No shocker here, I know.     You've probably already seen the latest goodies if you're on the Insta (Advorunner) or the FB (Columbus Advocare Runner).

As always, my picture quality is amazing.  #lovemethroughit...

However, I love, love, love this cozy little romper.   A part of the summer uni for sure.

New to Fabletics?    Head here and complete your profile stat.  You won't be sorry.

I've got two more items to share but gotsta get the monkeys rolling so stand by for a big WILW next week!

Happy Humpday!


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  1. Target has been legit nailing it lately. Did they get a new crop of buyers or something. It's insanity.