Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Shenans with a side of Garlic Olive Oil "Pasta" and Chicken

Morning Sunshines!

Speaking of sunshine....   Who wants to talk about how it was almost 80 yesterday here in the 614?       Was amazing, friends.  

What this tells us is that I had no choice but to take this combo to the dome

and immediately head out.      Hit me.      Some glorious miles went down.

Then I started noticing things like this... (color and blooms and everything!)

from my front yard.  When did this happen?   Awww yes.

And Sunday...   another glorious day.   Where we did this...

Lacrosse games in the sun!       Followed by Sunday Funday which may or may not have involved a patio.

I can't make this up.     

Here's the deal.   Us four season people complain about the winters, it's what we do.    However, when spring rolls in, it's a happiness like you don't remember.      We all basically have a huge skip in our step and we're forced to appreciate these fabulous seasons.    And that...is just one more reason why I'm a midwest girl.    Tried and true.   The bad makes the good simply amazing.  Kinda like life.

So yes.    Lots of running and outside shenans went down this weekend and that makes me as happy as pig in s*it.   #sns

Okay, let's talk about the recipe that I can't stop making.   I originally posted this on the Insta 
and it won't go away.

Remember how I bought that veggie spiralizer?     Well, it's basically my new best friend.

This little bootleg recipe cures an Italian craving like no other.   Plus, it's completely 24 Day Challenge or 10 Day Cleanse friendly.  Yes, please.

This is a total free style recipe so I really don't have exact amounts.   Just free style it till it tastes good, which is part of the fun.   

Garlic Olive Oil "Pasta" and Chicken

2 or 3 spiralized zucchini
Organic skinless chicken tenders
All the garlic (I used an entire clove because I'm gross like that)
All the olive oil
All the sea salt
All the ground pepper
12 tons of fresh basil (Just kidding.  Kinda)
Handful of oregano
Cherry tomatoes
Red pepper flakes
Pine Nuts (!!!!)


Easy pease...

Spiralize zucchini and set aside.  
Cook chicken in olive oil and all above spice related ingredients, freestyle-style.  #whatwhat
Throw zucchini chicken pan, turn to low, cover and let it all hang out for approximately 10 minutes.    
Remove the whole kit and caboodle from heat.   
Top with red pepper flakes, 12 more pounds of fresh basil, sliced cherry tomatoes, and pine nuts (be still my heart). 

You're gonna feel like you're getting something Italian-ish, pasta-isn, super decadent, and cheat-meal-ish.     What you're getting is something clean and decadent without the feeling of needing a wheelchair and maternity pants to get to bed.

You're welcome.

Put this on rotation, stat.

Working on a What I'm Loving Wednesday post for tomorrow so get ready!

Make it a great day, kitty cats.  Meow.   

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