Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday! Got Slam?! 24 DC and Weekend Wrap Up!

Hi friends!   So apparently Easter has come and gone and several of us are starting the 24 Day Challenge today!  Oh and a couple of you crazy fools decided to start yesterday!    Yokay dokay, crazy fools.      The rest of us are gonna be jelly come the end of this thing and you're done and feeling fabulous a day before the rest of us. 

So....   If you purchased from myself or anyone from my team and haven't been added to our Facebook group yet, message me stat and I'll hook a sistah/ brothah up.  

The weekend before a challenge is always slightly rough for me.   Mainly because I'm majorly lax.    

So let's talk about stuff....

Weekend Workouts

Friday-     Nothin'.   It rained like a bizzz here in the 614 for 40 days and nights on Friday.    Plus, my body was barking and mamacita needed a rest day.  

Saturday-  6 miles on the tready with a side of spin bike.

Sunday (aka Easter)-  Nothin'   

This brings me to my next point.   My blood has stop moving and all muscles have atrophied.    I've logged about 40-ish miles this week but haven't lifted a weight since Monday due to the fact that my muscles needed a break after that crazy Crossfit open.  (yes, I'm still talking about this.)       Oh and ps- can I shamelessly brag for one second?    Okay good.

You guys, I went into this open straight up terrified and somehow I ended up ranked twice in the final leaderboard.     7th in my age category in the central east division.   54th amongst all women's scaled.   What the french toast?     No idea how this happened but me thinks it's hard work and Advocare Performance Elite.    JS....

And ps-  These people are from my box and I kinda love them too. 

Division: Women’s Scaled
*54th Jennifer Brandenburger 
73rd Tiffany Hunter
*81st Susan Lorenz

Division: Men’s Scaled Masters 40-44
*6th Brian Garrett
22nd Brian Weis

Division: Women’s Scaled Masters 40-44
*7th Jennifer Brandenburger
*13th Susan Lorenz

Glad it's over but I already can't wait for next year.   Currently on deck....

Training for a fall full (TBD) starts in June.  Giddy up, giddy up, yo's.   Anyone doing a fall full?  Pretty sure yes.  So here's the deal...I've lotteried for Chicago but TBD.  Can always use Columbus as a back up.     But I kinda need a full destination race, I'm thinkin'.   Who is doing what????  I need ideas.

What else?   

 Who wants to talk about me eating almost a whole bag of these.....???

So yes, unless you're new, you know I basically can't turn these down and would possibly give away a #runnerdog and 3 fingers to score a bag in times of desperation.      So this was almost borderline planned.     But it wasn't because they were supposed to go in the Easter baskets of my innocent, deprived, helpless small children.      If my calculations are correct, I ate approximately 800-900 calories worth of these in one day.  And ya know what????    I'm not even really mad about it.    Because I love them and it wasn't like I was mindlessly eating jelly beans that I "kinda" love and "kinda" don't.   I love these "almost" as much as peanut butter but at least I can pretend peanut butter is healthy.  With this, I've got nothin.'      'Tis the season.

Several friends sent me this over the weekend.... am I really that  predictable?   Me thinks yes.


Easter egg hunts at the grammy's.

Followed up lots of Easter shenans up in here.

#selfiestick.  We all need one.  I'm cereal.

Okay, so the challenge....

Day one.  You guys know this drill.  And if if this is your first rodeo, chances are we've already talked or emailed and you're prepared.

However, I kinda can't help myself so allow me to reiterate one more time...

1.  Weigh yourself this morning.
2. Take measurements this morning.
3. DO NOT under any circumstances even look at a scale and/ or measure yourself again until next Thursday.    Meaning day 11.    Your weight will fluctuate these first few days.   You're gonna feel slightly bloated from the fiber drink.  DO NOT fret.  Drink water like it's your second job and refrain.   I'm serious.

Also,   on the cleanse/challenge, you're allowed up to 3 Sparks a day.    My latest jam, which I kinda forgot about....

Slam.   Such a quick pick me up and it definitely helps with appetite control.  Especially when you drive by Chik Fil A and you're starving and they've got their special vents open and you wanna go in there and order up a fried sandwich with those special waffle fries and not bat an eye.   Hmmm...hmmm...  I'm not the only one.   So yes, Slam is my jam at the moment.  (#poet)

Apparently it's time to start the work day but I'll be back laters babes with some more goods.

Happy Monday

-AR out


  1. Your blog is my absolute favorite to read and I love what you always have to say! Good luck on the challenge! I should've started with you, especially after this holiday weekend! Do you use Slam on the cleanse as well? This may need to be something I incorporate into my day!

    1. Kristen, thanks so much for that! I do use Slam on the cleanse. I've done it in the past and have never known it to effect my results.
      Join us and start next Monday! :)