Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Letters

Howzabout some Friday letters?!

Dear Weather Man,      Why you do me like this?     It has rained with a side of lightning for 40 days and nights here in the 614.     All I know is you better not be lying about the weekend forecast or I'm coming for ya.

Dear People Who Already Have Their Spring Mulching Done,     Please put the rake down and stop stressing me out.    We've got time.  

Dear Runnerdog,    Why must you humiliate me like this?     Escaping the yard and forcing me to chase you in pajama pants, no bra, and bare feet.     I have reason to believe that I ran close to a mile with no bra and bare feet.   It wasn't pretty.   Seriously.   

Dear 24 DC,   You never fail me.      Day 5 and feeling way better.     Cadbury eggs, be gone.

Dear Selfie Stick,   You may be the best $20 purchase I've ever made.      You bring joy everywhere you go.   Happiness to all ages.       Even my monkeys are obsessed with you.      So selfie stick, thanks for

Dear Bib Overalls,     Are you really back?   I see you and you're everywhere.    I loved you in high school when we wore those special Guess bibs with one side down.    I even loved you in the shorts version in college when the Gap carried you.     But I can't love you a third time.    I just can't.

Dear Curling Wand,    How did I not know about you?     My sweet little nanny / 3rd child taught me your ways and you're kinda amazing.      You give perfect beachy waves oh and they stay.     The 8 year old , who basically has the hair thickness of 3 normal heads, also loves you.       You're amazing, curling wand.

Dear Running Playlist,    I'm straight up loving you right now.    You're perfect.     And for once, I think I'm fully satisfied with you.

Hope you kitty cats have a fab weekend!   See you back here in a minute!


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