Monday, April 27, 2015

For the Crossfit/ Advo Kool Aid Drinkers... The Competition and How I Fueled

A crazy, exciting, exhausting, emotional, balls to the wall kinda day indeed.

First things first,   these ladies rock.     They pushed themselves and pushed me and pushed competitors from Crossfit gyms all over creation.    That's the beauty of Crossfit.    Seeing your peeps achieve their goals is pretty legendary.      

If you're a Crossfitter and have never done a competition, you're gonna wanna.   You don't have to be a beast.  You just gotta show up happy, ready to rumble, and basically be fired up.    All day.   

Competition morning...

I woke up before the sun came up and took 3 Catalyst and a big old Spark.  Just like every other day of the year.     Nothing unusual here.

We arrived at the box around 7:45 for some athlete briefing, some major warming up, and by 8:45, the first heat was up and running.  

The first WOD consisted of a 10 minute AMRAP.  If you're a newbie to Crossfit, an AMRAP basically means "as many rounds as possible" in a set time.   In this case we had....

10 alternating Kettle bell snatches
15 KB Goblet Squats
50 single under jump ropes

Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes of full throttle lung burning fun.  

I knew this would be a lung burner Soooo approximately 30 minutes before this WOD, I took two 02 Gold.  

02 Gold IS indeed my 3rd lung and I've talked about it a zillion times before on the blog so I won't bore you on why I love it for everything from marathon running to lung burning Crossfit WOD's such as this.     If you don't have 02 Gold in your life, get yourself some.  You won't be sorry.

 There was about a 90 minute break between my first and second workout, which included...

2 minutes of... full throttle/ as many as one can squeeze in... burpees.    Using a 15 lb. plate.  Meaning your toes had to touch the plate between every rep.

A one minute break to get your weights situated followed by 6 minutes to establish a maximum 2 rep clean front squat.

Sweet Baby Jesus.   I may or may not have been seeing stars coming off the burpees and going into the clean/front squat situation.    Thank God for friends who let me chug their water bottles straight from their hand,  without me asking.    Pretty much. 

Approximately 30 minutes prior to this WOD, I chugged down a giant Mass Impact with 3 more Catalyst.   ps-  Catalyst is my everything.  Not only with Crossfit but life in general.   I take it every day 365 days a year.   BCAA's are where it's at.    Legit.   

Back to Mass Impact....

Mass Impact is another amino acid supplement that also contains a bit of Creatine.   The product is designed to support muscle performance, preserve muscle glycogen, assist in muscle fatigue and basically make you stroke out a little later than you were originally planning to.

Next up... I had about an 75 minute rest time before the 3rd WOD, which was the one that I was  most terrified of.

For time.


10 barbell ground to overhead
10 alternating lunges...knee to floor
10  box jumps

Decreasing in number of reps per round to  9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Death.    Right there.   For all of the free world to see.  

I chugged a Spark before this workout as I hadn't really had caffeine since morning.    Plus, I still had 02 Gold and Mass Impact flowing through the veins.

And now....we see if we're in the finals.    Which was kinda emotional and exhausting.    Mainly because you're beat to hell and really wanna be done and cheer for the people in the finals.  And have a Blue Moon on the sidelines like everybody else.  
 But... on the other hand, you've busted your bum all day and wanna tear it up in the finals.   
Quite the debate.

Oh and we have fun on the sidelines too.      Lots of it.

So....the final competitors are announced....  Along with a mystery workout that we'd all been waiting to hear..

What we have here is....

For time...

500 meter row
50 wall balls
20 ab mat sit ups
15 dead lifts at 145

Arginine Extreme for the win.

You've heard me talk about my beloved AE a zillion times when it comes to running.    I knew coming off the row into wall balls was going to straight up kill me.  
   Arginine is such a great product for increasing cardio capacity with a little strength love too.    A product designed for improving cardio stamina and strength all in one.   L-Arginine and  L-leucine together in powder form are pretty much a match made in heaven.
  Again, you'll likely stroke out a little later than you had originally planned to but will feel better and stronger in the process.
  I took this about 5 minutes after the workout was announced which gave me about a 20 minute window.   

The Finals...Here we go!

And..... it all ends laying on the floor in the corpse position... truly not certain if you're alive or dead.  And you wonder if you've really got your affairs in order and you wonder if anyone has ever died from Crossfit.  
 And you wonder.... when you can do this again.....

And.... your friends high fives while you're still not sure if you're dead or alive somehow make it all even that much more amazing.

And the day ends with 2nd place in division with the most adorable trophy and a high comparable to that of our beloved marathon running high.  

My CF box rocked.  We have awesome coaches who know our strengths, know our weaknesses and push us accordingly.    4 athletes from my box placed in 3 different divisions.    Pretty amazing.    Those who didn't place, gave it their 100 zillion'th percent ALL and everything they had.   They achieved goals, set PR's, and that was pretty freaking fantastic to see too.   

Local people....if you haven't tried CF and wanna...come see me.    We're fun and we'll show you the ways and you'll hate me and everyone else at first but then you'll be amazed at yourself and you'll love me forever and we'll probably be best friends and stuff.   #RunOnSentence #major

Chalkdust Crossfit.  We're on the FB too.  

S'all for now.

Cap City on deck for the weekend so hopefully I'll see some of your smiling Sparked up faces at the finish!

Happy Monday!


  1. Holy cow! You're AMAZING! I'll think of this post when I'm killing my legs at 5:00 tomorrow morning. Motivation :-)

  2. Get it, Starboard! And thanks for your support.

  3. You are amazing!! Love seeing how you fuel and the reasoning behind it!

    1. Thanks Shana! An amazing day for sure. Hope you're well! :)