Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Sentiments, March StitchFix Review, and the Next Group 24 Day Challenge

Sunday!   And I've had a super duper productive one so far.  All while watching Millionaire Matchmakers in the background... yes, please.     ps-  Does anyone else think Patti is getting nicer?   What's happening here?

Let's get down to biz...

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   3 mile shake out run in order to calm the nerves before Crossfit Open 15.5.    More on the Crossfit Open in a jiffy but this was me exactly one second after putting the barbell down on the final thruster of 15.5.   

No words.   None.   And you guys know me by now and know that the no words thing rarely happens.    #sweetbabyjesus the Open was crazy and awesome.   If you've got so much as a competitive pinky toe bone in your body, give the Open a try.    Then we can all obsess together next year and I'll be real happy.  Mainly because I'm pretty sure that the rest of the peeps in my world that don't happen to be obsessed with crossfit....are kinda ready for me to shut the hell up and stop talking about this.   #facty.   I still love 'em though.

My crazy girls.

Saturday-  6-ish mile run in the 20 degree temps.   Those crazy temps somehow felt good.  Probably because I nearly burst into flames in the pic above just the night before.

Sunday-     Recovery Day.  We know I hate this but I'm doing it.   And of course, my boyfriend, the most interesting man in the world...knows exactly how I feel...

Mkkkay.... Let's talk about....

Next Fix just arrived and I'm all in.  

Yes, these pics are all kindsa horrible lighting.  Oh and I totally had bed head.    Then there's the selfie stick....  You guys...
Just love me through it.....  

Okay, so don't know how StitchFix works???  Read all about it here.  You won't be sorry.  

First things first... even if you don't commit to StitchFix...complete your profile.  It's FREE.  And it's way fun. 

We have...

1.  Pink Martini Zeke Printed Shift Dress

This dress is lined and comfy and could easily be dressed up or down.   Not sure where I'm going in it but me likes.   The quality is legit too.

2.   Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top

This one is  me and will likely be part of my main uniform over the next few months.  Giddy up, locals.   

3.   Olive & Oak Glynnie Striped Top

Fit is awesome.    Would be super cute with cut offs in the summer or under a little jacket with jeans.  Very versatile and again, quality is awesome. 

4.  Mystree Sharla Embroidery Detail Top

Didn't love this one, not gonna lie    I could see me complementing a stranger on it.  However, just not me.  Despite that, the quality and detail were beautiful.    Still on the fence and may try and make it work.  

5.   41 Hawthorn Carson Graphic Chevron Cross- Front Blouse

Really liked this one too.    This would definitely be a good post-Thanksgiving meal shirt.   And I'm serious.  
Flattering, yet somehow hides it all ladies!

So there we have it.  This was my 8th Fix and I feel like my stylist and I are totally back on track. 

Again.... complete your profile and come to the dark side.     Plus, I wanna see what you guys get.   Two friends are currently waiting for Fix's and I basically stalk them morning noon and night for projected delivery dates.      StitchFix is a crowd pleaser for sure! 

And...lastly.... I'm sure you guys saw on Facebook, but our next big group 24 Day Challenge kicks off on April 6th.  As in next Monday.  As in the day after Easter.   Perfect timing???    Me thinks so.

Do you guys know my friend, Lauren???   She's pretty amazing.   Her entire journey started with just this.... the 24 Day Challenge.

Let's take a moment to admire her hard work and progress...shall we?

Right??  She's amaze.     She started with a challenge, continues to LOVE her Advo products and loves the Performance Elite line quite possibly more than me.   She's a beast and I kinda love her.

So yes, April 6th.  This means we've got a week and one day to prep, friends.

I have a private Facebook page for my team and their customers and we'd love to have you join us.  

Order your challenge here.    Message me when you do... and I'll add you in.   If you're a customer of someone on my team...same deal.  Shoot me a message and I'll add you in a jiffy.

If you're already added, sit pretty and get pumped.

Hope you guys are having a funderful Sunday.    

See you back here tomorrow with some more deets.




  1. Hi! Just wanted to say not sure how I found you and your blog an instagram, but I am so glad I did! I love to run and found Advocare products about 3 months and I am love with the Spark, Catalyst and rehydrate gels! I finished up a 24 day challenge last month and looking forward to possibly doing another one!. Anyway, great looking blog and can't wait to read more!

    1. Reynaul, thanks so much for that and thanks for reading! Make sure you follow on Facebook for regular updates! (Columbus Advocare Runner)

      Thanks again for reading! :)