Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So What Wednesday!?

Happy March, bloggy friends!     Doesn't March mean it's practically Spring?    Pretty sure it does.   However, the fact that there's a continuous snowstorm rolling through these parts makes me question life as we know it.

Okay, so let's lighten things up...

As always... Here we go, yo!

**SO WHAT if you guys need this lipstick/ lipgloss immediately?   I'm real sorry but my Advo/ internet friend Lauren posted this the other day and she wasn't lying.    Lime Crime does not move.  So basically you could wear it for the rest of your life and possibly even to your own funeral with one application.    
   Here's our problem....   limit 2 for customer (no big)...However, all the good colors are sold out.    I've done a little stalking and apparently they're doing a big restock in 9 days so mark your calendars.    I have a lipstick but really want a couple glosses.  We all know patience is not my virtue....

**SO WHAT if I'm pretty sure I'm never getting into the NYC Marathon??    Third year in the dice.   NY Marathon...why you do me like dis???   I may need to just accept this and move on.   Then...maybe I'll get in.

**SO WHAT if I just got on the vegetable spiralizer bandwagon and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be life changing?     Veggie "noodles."   How have I lived without this??     Seriously.

**SO WHAT if the big one and I have been practicing hand stand push ups on the reg and she's legit got skills.     See the Insta for live footage but I'm thinking she's gonna out handstand her Mamacita in about 5 minutes.      #girlpower #breedingfitgirls

**SO WHAT if I'm accidentally getting addicted to The Wire?   Oh AND House of Cards....   I'm not a huge TV watcher but let's be real...There's not much better than being completely captivated by Netflix and "just one more episode and I'll go to bed..".. #breakingbad... (oh how I miss thee...)

**SO WHAT if I'm quite possibly more excited about the new Cinderella movie than my two spawns?    Oh em gee.  Looks amazing.

Okay, I swear I'm coming back with some StichFix stuff, a recipe or two, OH and the latest Fabletics goods!

Happy Humpday, friends!

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