Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Letters!

Takin' it back to the old school with Friday Letters!

As always, here we go, yo.

Dear Most Interesting Man in the World,    I can't get enough of you.  You're everywhere and you're hilarious.  And I almost feel like you know me.   Especially when you say stuff like this.

And this....

Dear Monday Night,  Now that the Bachelor is over, what am I gonna do????    Bachelor people...what's next?  What do we do?   

Dear CrossFit Open,   You wear me out and make me feel like I need 5 epsom salt soaks with a side of 12 massages a day.   However, I love you .

Dear Cadbury Egg People,    Why you gotta go making a dark chocolate version?    As my friend said...that means they're healthy right?    (if you've been reading the blog for awhile, you know these are my weakness.   Well that, peanut butter, Mexican, and buffalo wings.)

Dear 8 year old,  I got scared when you asked me how dogs meet their husbands and wives and I said "huh?"  and you said "well how else would they have puppies?"     Thank goodness that new Kelly Clarkson song came on and you forgot about it.

speaking of.....

Dear That New Kelly Clarkson Song,    OMG, I can't get enough of you.      And new-ish Sam Hunt song, you may be my favorite song of Spring 2015.

Dear RunnerDog,   I kinda love that when I open a peanut butter jar or even so much as whisper the word "peanut butter," you run and grab your big Kong and wait for me to fill that baby up.  Then you proceed to go on with your bad self  in the privacy of another room so you can enjoy every bite 'o that goodness in peace.    It's like your the son I never had.

It's the weekend peeps...

Let's Act Like it!

See y'all back here Sunday for Sunday Sentiments.  #whatwhat

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