Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Kindsa Good Stuff....

Happy Tuesday, bloggy's!

First off, who got their Mint Chocolate Brownie in today???

#SBJ, these are off the hizzroe.   (hizzroe = hook.  Yep, made that up too..)

I see lots of you are hoarding these and ordered a zillion boxes.   I, for one, only ordered two.    And here's why.... I'm not a huge meal replacement drinker.  Not gonna lie.   I always still need some kind of food if I'm replacing a meal with a shake.   I still drink my shakes on the go, don't get me wrong.    But dang, these take the cake.   I thought the White Mint Chocolate at Christmas time was the bomb. Still hoarding those, ps.   But these.   Dis is where it's at.    And I ordered more.   I got scared they were gonna sell out.   Cuz they will.   

My local friends...  who is running Cap City Half Marathon????

Do tell!  

Y'all know I love this race and it's slowly creeping up on us. 

So yes, giddy up, because it's coming.    And I'm pumped.  Last year I saw several of you and it made #misohappy.   Let's do that again, K?

Let's talk more about my new obsession...

What roped me in was this...

Was in love with this Tory Burch ditty...but at $395, no bueno. 

Here we've got a Keep Collective Time Keeper ringing in at $95 total.  And the quality is fab.   Not to mention, if you've been stalking the Tory Burch watch like me, you're saving 3 Hundo.   #winning  

The red and gold.  Seriously.  It's such a great pop of color and goes. with. errrrrthing.  


So yesterday, it was pretty much summer here in the 614.  This means it was sunny and 50 degrees and the mounds of snow melted.   For real.   I can't believe it either. 

This basically lead me to run in a tank top and take video selfies when I was finished to document the whole thing.     All while  the #runnerdog looked on in disgust/ awe.  

If I weren't so shy, I'd post one.

But yes, Thursday is on.   I may run #allthemiles and never stop.

So one of my posts from the Insti stirred something within you. 

I posted this picture....

With this...

Sooo...I do bad things sometimes too. 
Last night... A zillion empty sugar calories in my fave margaritas. Oh and #allthechipsandqueso. Like literally... All of em. 
Today- I proceed to eat this entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Cuz I needed 'em. 
Do I wish I didn't eat the whole bag? Yes. 
Do I say "screw it, the day is ruined..,what else can I eat?" HELLZ NO

Do I feel guilty? 
Nope. I work hard and play hard and life is meant for living. The key is knowing when to live and knowing when to reign it in. 
Right back on the wagon with a 6 mile run, my #carbease, and lots of water. 
The longer you're off the wagon, the worse you'll feel. We all know this. Giddy up and remember, if ya commit the crime, gonna have to pay the time. 
That's all.  #advolife #advocare #advorunner

In summary... I'm normal too... Forever and Ever, Amen.

Oh and ps- don't forget to enter my giveaway.   Just head over to the Facebook page and leave your comment.  No big.

Drawing on Sunday.  Like a boss.

Nighty Night, 


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